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Here is one way your tax dollars are fighting drug abuse in America. Above the Influence is an advertising campaign in the U.S. by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign that includes broad messaging to focus on substances most abused by teens, and delivers both broad prevention messaging at the national level and more targeted efforts at the local community level.  Here is an example of some of their ads.  Think they help?    It is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy(ONDCP) In early 2011, The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign will launch a monthly webinar series: Implementing Above the Influence (ATI) in Your Local Community.

National Conference on Addiction Disorders 2012  The National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NSAD) will present in-depth education and innovativation on the prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery management of addictions. This conference is produced by the publisher of Addiction Professional and Behavioral Healthcare magazines.   The 4-day program will consist of:  

  • A Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit
  • Over 60 educational sessions, workshops, movie presentations and poster sessions conducted by the experts in the study and treatment of addiction.
  • An exhibition hall  geared for networking with over 200 solution providers.
  • A technology theater showcasing the latest solutions.
  • An awards ceremony

In the 14 years he lived as a drug addict, former NBA player Chris Herren had no shortage of moments that could have been his “rock bottom.”  The earliest may have come when he was only 18, shortly after Sports Illustrated hyped the local star’s matriculation to Boston College. Herren — then one of the most highly anticipated freshmen basketball players in the country — left BC after only one game after a positive test for cocaine.  Quoted from CNN’s, Kevin Conlon. February 2012. 

Chris Herren knows the top and the bottom.  He writes about it in Basketball Junkie, a journal of his personal battle with addiction, published in 2011 by St. Martins Press.  Stories like this are what we live for;  tales of coming back from the brink of total self destruction to make an enormous difference in showing others how step out of the abyss of addiction,  give families hope for their own sons and daughters and stop some from ever going there.

Deaths by heroin overdoses in Minnesota counties  tripled in 2011.  To complicate matters, heroin tested in the Twin Cities showed 93.5 % pure.  See  Heroin Roars Back, with Lethal Results  Link from Bayon Testing.

Mexican election could mean drug war strategy shift, U.S. officials say –   View this CNN article for a glimpse into what may start turning around U.S. drug war policy for better or worse.

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