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Mother’s Day was a big event for Moms United and the millions they represent.  These Rock Star Moms gathered outside of the Los Angeles Superior Court House to speak out against the war on drugs.  They are concerned about Americas’ endless drug war that is tearing apart families with little mercy.   Spokesperson, Gretchen Burns Bergman along with activist moms, formed the group  Moms United to End the War on Drugs.  They  are doing the work many do not have the courage to do.   Mom’s United is dealing with the scourge of drug addiction through positive solutions, drug policy reform and compassionate harm reducing strategies.  Gretchen is well spoken on the subject and has written for journals and newspapers.   Her latest piece, published the day before Mother’s Day is called Mother’s Day: Tears & Triumphs  You can view other publications by Gretchen in the Huffington Post.

Things We Lost in the Fire! If you know someone close who’s been there; you know the meaning of the title.  This is a not so old 2007 film with academy award winning Benicio Del Toro as a heroin addict.  “The walking dead”.  Check it out here in this you-tube video. You may have to look in the older video stacks to find this; but its worth your time.  Link by Drew.

Former NBA player recounts struggle with drug addiction –   Chris Herren, a basketball legend from Fall River, Massachusetts, realized his dreams by playing for the Celtics in the NBA, only to lose it all to addiction before rising again with a new dream.   Chris wrote Basket Ball Junkie which is his memoir of his struggle with heroin and other drugs.  You can read an excerpt here.  The reminds me of a piece we did a while ago call the Fighter and also of the great Texas Ranger’s baseball slugger, Josh Hamiliton.   The message here, is that addiction impacts more than skid row junkies and miraculous comebacks happen everyday.  Recovery is more that a possibility.  Link by Bill

Should taxpayers support wet houses?  In AA literature, it has been said that there are those who seem to be constitutionally unable to get sober.   A wet house is basically a place that allows drunks and addicts to enjoy a modicum of shelter and to drink, usually outside the premises.  Typically, shelters require residents to remain sober or they are disqualified.   What appears to be the ultimate in enabling is to some a less costly way of dealing with drunks.  The argument being ER, jail, and crime are the alternative and cost more than sheltering a drunk or addict.  Advocates of wet houses call it harm reduction.  Whether America comes to terms with its chronic population of drunks and addicts is yet to be seen.  Addiction doesn’t seem to be waning and it is in fact costing all of us too much money and grief. Teen drug addiction has a devastating effect on  youth,  families and  communities.  Teens drop out of school, the workforce or life itself.  Change the course of teen drug addiction.

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