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Gupta: Let’s end the prescription drug death epidemic –

Dr. Kevin McCauley is a treatment professional who is dedicating his life to helping addicts and their families, and he makes a compelling argument for Addiction as Disease.  He is a researcher with The Institute For Addiction Studies. Mr. McCauley recently contributed a comment that is worth sharing.  He discusses his ongoing inquiry into the question of addiction as a Disease Model.   Many who ponder the causes of drug addiction are split in their thinking with the other opinion being a morality model of choice. Take a look at his comments in the Disease Model.

One thing for certain, drug addiction is tearing up this country.  From a demand of drugs adversly affecting near 30 million users when you include alcohol to as many as two-thirds of American families negatively impacted in some way or another by someones abuse of drugs and alcohol; this problem is costing us more than enough to look closely at a  model of disease.   As long as the argument favors a Darwinian – all for themselves – choice model of drug addiction, expect more of the destruction that Americans already witness.

NAMI | dual-diagnosis-factsheet

Drug Policy Reform – Treatment Magazine.

Diabetes and Drugs This is definitely a subject worth further research.  It’s surprising that little is really known about how a diabetic really fares after prolonged opiate or amphetamine use.  It is more clear with alcohol.  We know it is a deadly mix.  Legal and Illegal Drugs: What Every Person With Diabetes Should Know Before They Party is a piece from Diabetes Health Magazine that offers some street smarts on diabetes and drugs.  One thing for sure the resulting impact on a diabetics body and the costs to society that follow the erratic behavior of a diabetic addict is profoundly negative. Consider this personal witness  in the piece:  Just One Addict!  Breaking the Back of a Los Angeles Budget.  Clearly half of these costs stem from an acute diabetic complication call DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis.   A diabetic addict easily can succumb to DKA from neglecting insulin intake which is common among addicts.  A  famous diabetic heiress with drug problem, Casey Johnson, recently died from what was thought to be drug related.  Now it is known she died as a result of DKA.   Diabetes and drugs, despite how much science knows or doesn’t know is simply a bad combination.  Links by Mary S.

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