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“…Just ordered it……the artistic self is the missing link…”  dadonfire

“…The Art of Recovery is a journey of personal transformation and healing. It is also a deep exploration of the connection between shame and addiction and how one’s personal mythology is often formed by the residual effect of unresolved grief, loss and trauma…”  Paul Randak

“…Paul Randak’s Art of Recovery broadens the scope of traditional healing, by taking us back to the source of the disease… ”  Casey Spalding

Just in from the  Open Society Institute … “Addiction treatment is a gaping hole in our current health care system,” said former Rep. Jim Ramstad, who served as co-chair of the House Caucus on Addiction, Treatment and Recovery. “If we fail to treat alcohol and drug addictions, we are not only failing those in need, but are adding to the already heavy burden on our communities, our emergency rooms, our prisons, and our families. Americans across the country and the political spectrum have spoken loud and clear: treatment for alcohol and drug addiction should be fully covered in health care reform.”…  Read the rest of this article right here.

What is being on fire for recovery?  The Truth About Drugs Education Campaign is a fire.  A fire for life without drugs.  This is the fire we all need to light.  Without making a pitch for Scientology, this is their anti-drug program.  I have done my own extensive research and offer nothing to contradict what they are doing in drug education.  Their proactive drug free site,, and their addiction treatment site, Narconon, are two viable resources for those in need.  Those in need of help to free themselves from the enslavement of addiction.  Choose life.  Links provided by Sandra Gortez

Begging for Help on Crack Street, by Richie Farrell –  “…America will never be safe from the gigantic ramifications of illegal drug use unless the Obama administration mounts a major campaign to rehabilitate drug addicts…”    Read the rest of the article.

Beautiful Boy – a father’s journey through his son’s addiction.   David Sheff writes about his son’s addiction and his own journey… “Beyond the visceral torture of helplessly watching Nic, his adolescent son, descend deep into the rabbit hole of addiction, Sheff confesses to the ubiquitous parental habit of second-guessing every decision he has made throughout Nic’s life…”   David’s son, Nick, does, by grace, recover and Nick goes on to write his own book “Tweek” about his methamphetamine addiction.  See the above links for details about both books

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Life After celebrates and offers a video archive of stories of hope.  This archive of stories of recovery was constructed by the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Below is a sample of what you will see on their site.

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Synopsis of a new book by the author, Dr. Barbara Sinor,

“….Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery offers deep insight into ourselves and those we love. Between the potent stories, the reader finds pertinent information surrounding addiction recovery which presents an awareness of how the public can help those with drug or alcohol addictions. Various literature is introduced which allows the reader to discover how anyone of us can be of service to our addiction population….”  see the rest of the synopsis   here. Material submitted by Dr. Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.

“….The recovery period is a time to focus on repairing and rebuilding the body.  The healthier you become the greater is your ability to avoid relapses.  Also, many theories on relapse believe that associations, triggers, and cravings lead to the relapse…”  Read the entire detailed treatment plan right here.  For much more detailed information on the subject of heroin addiction, its effects and treatment, go to

Pat shares this story.  His experience begins in the blue collar town of Ayer, Mass., as he chronicles the difficulty of dealing with dual diagnosis in his family.

I am an alcoholic and drug user, active since 1971, until I stopped drinking in 2001.  If I knew then what I know now I never would have started.  During my heyday, I used pot, amphetamines, cocaine and LSD.  Who would have ever guessed I was that messed up; but I was!

In 2001, I was told by my Primary Care Physician that I would have to undergo chemo for liver disease or face the possibility of developing cancer of the liver.  I am happy to say the treatment was successful and I have recovered physically from the treatment.  I am now as I was then; a single parent.  My children at that time were 15, 10 and 8 years old and I was working full-time and only missed 2 days of work because of the treatment.  I can’t stress enough to my children that they should not abuse alcohol and not do drugs.  In this world we live in, these things have been so glamorized that it is sickening.

I do not know if there is any relativity to another situation that I deal with on a daily basis, but my children were diagnosed at an early age with ADHD.  Which it seems, may actually have been bipolar disorder.  My two oldest have mild cases and do not need medication.  My youngest son has an extreme case and has been hospitalized three times in (2) years.  It is not an easy thing to deal with and each day can be a challenge.  All three of my sons are very intelligent, but at times I look at my youngest son and see his difficulties and it makes me cry to see him struggle like he does.  My ex-wife – my children’s mother – also has bipolar disorder and also abused drugs and alcohol.  She has been hospitalized (14) times since 1995 and currently shares the five bedroom apartment I have with my two sons still living at home because she is unable to work because of her disability.  She became homeless 2 years ago.  I have had a tremendous amount of support from my family over the years and have had a great deal of faith in my life that has really helped me get through trying times.

I have been involved in a few support groups through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and The National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Having those resources available, really helped me.  Like I said, I don’t know how my children having a mental illness relates.  It just goes to show that in some way what we do may have some far reaching consequences that we cannot see.  This story was submitted by Patrick Gentry

excerpt…”Point is this.  Just one addict!  has imposed a cost to his family, various providers,  the community of LA, the jail system and the valuable resources of North Ridge Emergency Center of an estimated total of $25,000 in two months time.  A cost no one keeps track of or understand this its totality.  In an era of impending health care and legal reform, the success and further growth of  pre-screening protocols like SBIRT would appear to be an imperative…”  read the rest of the article here

One–Day Event September 19, 2009  Celebrating Recovery in Arizona – Free

The Art of Recovery – is a FREE to the public, one-day Phoenix event offering educational workshops, resources and solutions.  It is part of the celebration of National Recovery Month.  It is important to reach out to the families and loved ones of people seeking recovery – Many often have.  Alcohol and drug problems are pervasive in every community, affecting everyone either directly or indirectly.  Did you know?

•    Over 200,000,000 people in the US are directly affected by addiction.
•    90% have no idea of what to do about it.
•    More than 23,000,000 are addicts-alcoholics.
•    In 2005 fewer than 4,000,000 addicts-alcoholics received treatment!
•    The gap is 19,000,000 people who need treatment and can’t get help.

Read more about the expo @

NIDA’s mission is to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.  This is a fantastic website with tons of good information.  Links provided by Mary Slivinski.   Here are some great links from their site:  Drug Abuse ChatDrug Treatment Trends Facts

S.B.I.R.T stands for screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment.  This is not a bad idea for hospitals and even jails to engage.  The cost to society for not addressing addiction has never been fully quantified.  It is massive.  A single addict or alcoholic  has the potential to destroy families, communities and lives.  SAMHSA is behind the movement and it is showing success.   Read about the program here.   Links forwarded by Mary Slivinski.

Drug and alcohol dependence is an enigma to the human condition.  Addicts and alcoholics continue to struggle with acceptance of their recovery.  William L. White presented a paper in 2000:  Toward a New Recovery Movement:  Historical Reflections on Recovery, Treatment and Advocacy.  The path to an authentic commitment to recovery is still searching for a substantive beginning.  White expresses some thoughts on the subject worth reading.  Read his paper here.

Hooked: Five Addicts Challenge Our Misguided Drug Rehab –  book by Lonny Shavelson …The author shows that the “System” is designed to weed out those who most need its help. Dual diagnosed? Go to the drug rehab centers and be told treatment is not available to those with severe mental disturbance. Rejected but not despairing, go across town to the mental health center and be told, “sorry, we can’t help you until you stop taking drugs.” Suffer a relapse?  Be kicked out of most programs, as though the ability to NOT use drugs is a precondition for admittance to a drug rehab program.  Homeless? Conclude your rehab by being placed in a cheap hotel room in the same part of town where drugs dominate life…sound familar?  Read more here:

What’s Left of Us, a memoir of addiction.    Check out his site. Website contribution by Richie Farrell.  Check out some quotes from his book  here.

The September issue of Rolling Stone online features a short but telling video interview of investigative reporter, Guy Lawson, explaining a more accurate picture of the continuing transformation of Mexico into a Narco State.  Watch the video:  The Drug War Source:

Mexican Drug War Claims 18 Lives at Treatment Center –  September 3, 2009

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Neighbors mopped blood from the sidewalk outside a drug rehabilitation center Thursday, cleaning up the carnage after gunmen lined up patients against a wall and then riddled them with bullets, killing 18.  Incredible!  This won’t happen in America.  Read the rest of the article here.  Source:

Here’s some breaking news on Mexico’s answer to the massive violence perpetrated upon its people by the drug cartel and the drug war.  This article, Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession, announces an unprecedented move in decriminalization.  Another article, Mexico’s New Drug Law Worries U.S., underscores worry by U.S. authorities.  See also Blog of Freedom which was dadonfire’s source for this information as published on August 21st, 2009.

This is PBS FRONTLINE’s best effort in outreaching the public on a serious drug crisis: The Meth Epidemic. It is a very educational data base well worth taking some time to view.  The website includes the full 2006 television program that was broadcast on prime time PBS programming on the award winning show, FRONTLINE.

“Any parent who has had to confront a child’s drug abuse is familiar with the drawn-out agony of despair, impotence, fear, grief and, while there is still a chance for recovery, hope. That last is perhaps the most ravaging of all. Hope means you aren’t yet numb enough, not yet at peace with the chaos into which life has spilled, not yet so defeated and angry that you’re unable to try to help. Julie Myerson, a novelist living in London and the mother of three children, was finally forced to throw her eldest son out of the house — and change the locks — when his cannabis habit so deranged him that he became physically violent. He was 17 years old.”  Read the rest of the review here Article from New York Times, “Reefer Madness” by Dominque Browning.

This website is a comprehensive data base on heroin really worth checking out for anyone who is impacted in any way by the use of heroin.  As horrific as the impact is to the user, the toll it takes on families and communities is much greater than most people realize.  Check out Heroin Addiction.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime says opium cultivation has fallen by 22% in a year and production by 10%, with the biggest fall in Helmand province. See the rest of the article here

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