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The Cullen’s story is one that can not be told enough.  Untold grief and sorrow lie in the wake of losing their son, Jeff to drug addiction.  Parents Fight Son’s Lost War With Drugs is a piece published by the Orange County Register and tells what far too many parents have already witnessed.   Gary and Denise fought through their grief and founded  Grasp. Its a website that grabs your heart as it is intended to help others with their losses.  They are also co-founders of  Moms United to End the War on Drugs. A million people live with the relentless impact of addiction every day.  The Cullen’s and many other remarkable citizens made a powerful impact in Southern California the summer 0f 2010 as we get closer to making a difference in saving more lives.

RECOVERY HELPDESK – Harm Reduction causes uproar.

Something is in the air! People are blogging. Movements are growingThe criminal justice system is under scrutiny. Reform is coming that can engage good screening and address addiction as causal where appropriate and deal with the disease seriously.  Those days are coming.  Trends show American’s are seeing addiction as a public health issue and a chronic liability that needs a stop valve.  Today we are seeing the Obama administration follow suit.  A May 11th article, New Obama Strategy Treats ‘War’ on Drugs as Public Health Issue shows this shift.  The ice of public denial is breaking.  The calls Obamas recent actions a policy shift.  As American’s continue to voice out their losses and concerns, the levees of resistance to reform are giving way.  Americans want  drug law reform and full medical inclusiveness towards addiction and alcoholism.  It is not just a personal issue.  The fall-out affects all of us.  Keep talking and lobbying.  Your making a difference.  links from Mary S.

Meth:  Inside Out, is a powerful and engaging video series.   This you-tube site contains 31 video shorts all 3 to 5 minutes in length, covering every facet and angle of the world of methamphetamine use in America.

Seeing the obvious in the world of “insidious” addiction is like trying to see a forest through its trees.  Those who have felt the impact of an addict in their family knows how elusive the answers can be, let alone, the right questions.  Simple answers to basic questions makes a big difference.   Joe Herzanek has the answers to the 10 Toughest Questions Families and Friends Ask About Addiction and Recovery. His 22 minute video lays it out in plain language.  Joe speaks from his own experience.  After  three decades of sobriety, he still spends his personal and professional life helping others take that first step.  In 2007 he wrote a widely received book that tackled the biggest nagging question;  Why Don’t They Just Quit.  Now he offers the rest of the answers to the ten toughest questions in the video you shouldn’t miss.  Check out some excerpts. Joe and his wife, Judy Herzanek founded The Changing Lives Foundation and its blog; Why Don’t They Just Quit.  They both share a common bond in striving to make a difference by spreading the message that people do recover.

Counting Days

Elizabeth has a blog called Counting Days.  It’s a personal account of her recovery, actually counting each day with a blog.   That’s what its about.  One day at a time.

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