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Romancing Opiates,  a controversial book on opiate addiction was written by social critic, retired doctor and highly acclaimed author Theodore Dalrymple, many call the Orwell of our time.  He has written extensively for the City Journal, Manhattan Institute; a social journal worth viewing.  His 2006 book, Romancing Opiates treats addiction and treatment much in line with his social commentary on failed states and systems.  Most of his writing follows an Orwellian ideology.  Curiously,  in his book about opiate use, he compliments Mao Tse Tung’s methods of eradicating  opium and heroin use in China with extreme coercion or death.  You can read the rest of this review right HERE

We are talking about the origin of drug addiction and knocking on deaths door all the way down this dangerous road.  Kids flirt with cheap highs as young as 9.   Often something is missing at home and the choices a kid makes paves the way to drug and alcohol abuse.  Years can pass while parents miss or deny the signs of drug abuse.  Inhalants ranging from a simple “dust off” computer cleaner to a wide range of aerosol, glue and fuel huffing is a common start.   Websites promote parental involvement as the deterrent.  See The National Inhalant Prevention CoalitionDrug and Alcohol Scene and Parents: The Anti Drug.  This is all great!  Talk to your kids! …while you still can.   Kids that don’t get the right attention  probably don’t have two fully conscious parents working together.  Even if we are half conscious to the fact, kids find ways to get high.   The medicine cabinet is another source of opportunity.  Many don’t realize that addiction to street opiates starts with the abuse of legal opiate based drugs.  Keep  prescriptions secure and monitor the pain medication a doctor prescribes for your kids injury.  Statistics indicate that in 2009, 8 million serious drug addicts, whom were kids have slipped through the cracks.  Some are still kids.  We still deal with them.  Our communities deal with them.  By then its tough love.  If that doesn’t work, the tough love they will get on the streets is brutal.  Dadonfire supports a world of recovery.  links by M. Slivinski.

It is easy to have high expectations for a teen coming home from some kind of treatment for their addiction, but what they need to know, is how important they are to their recovery — that failure is not the end and success is up to them.  Substance use disorder creates stress for a family and there is no guarantee of the outcome of recovery without diligence. You know who your teen is.  What comes after treatment is more work.  Finding ways to deal with it are critical.  There are resources everywhere and the web is a good place to start, even to find a meeting.  There are also, ways for the whole family to just “be” that enhances the success of a teen’s recovery.  To see a 9 point list of what I recommend for a family welcoming home an addicted loved one,   CLICK HERE.

Moms United to End the War on Drugs & Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Rally & Vigil   Join us to call attention to the devastation of the war on drugs and prohibition @ Chuco’s Justice Center, 1137 E. Rodondo Blvd., Inglewoood, CA,  June 18, 2011 – all day – starting  @  1 pm

A New PATH /Los Angeles is co-sponsoring with SSDP an all day festival SATURDAY JUNE 18TH; collaborating with 27 other drug war activist and advocacy groups to present 2 panels of speakers, poetry readings, candlelight vigil – ending the evening with live music till midnight! For more information


THE ALCOHOLISM AND ADDICTION CURE: a book with a claim to cure addiction.  Most have seen the ad’s.  It sparked my curiosity.    Heroin addiction is the genesis of Chris Prentiss’s book and his claim to cure addiction.  His son, Pax Prentiss was a 10 year heroin user among other drugs, including alcohol.  Pax conquered a larger than life complex about his dad by co-founding Passages Treatment Center with him. is not sold on a simplistic cure.  I do like the four points.   Here are some links for your own review:    Hollywood Rehab •   Breakthrough Addiction Recovery •   Addiction Tomorrow. “Curing addiction” at Passages is reduced to four  problems  in an addict’s life:  1) Chemical imbalance,   2)  Events of the past,  3) Current conditions and  4) Things we believe that are false; biggest being that addiction is a disease and “I” have it. (Of course this flies in the face of AA and NA.)

If you believe that addiction is not a disease; but it is “something” that is curable, read this book.  Addressing the four points will take a lot of cash.  Passage’s, Malibu,  is $78,560 per month.  A scaled down Passages, Ventura is $32,500 per month.  That includes daily work of nine therapists and doctors  a plethora of phlebotomy according to Judith @ Passages Admissions (805) 283-4737.  Those costs are based on Jan. 2010 pricing.

“The cure” is a commodity.  Life energy, you might say.   But, isn’t that personal effort no different that what has been known for the last 54 years since alcoholism and  drug addiction to follow, were defined as disease by the AMA.   It takes work whether done in 30 years or 30 days.  As far as “a cure”, I wouldn’t bet much money on a “cured” addiction left un-checked after a single month of treatment.     Addiction recovery, however one minces words, be it a  cure or recovery,  takes living in vigilance for an addict.  Most can’t afford luxury treatment, but probably wouldn’t argue the impact  of personal and public cost of  addiction.  It is  a financial burden to all of us and big dollar treatment doesn’t  pick bones about this reality.  A “cured addict” is another story.

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