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The “Monty Man” of talks at length with the author of about his connection to recovery, this website and what he expects he can do with it.  Check it out. (takes a minute or two to download)   1 HOUR INTERVIEW

A 100 billion dollar drug business and popular narco cinema.  Mexican’s and North Americans love films about drugs….and sex, music, pick-up trucks,  violence….Well, that’s part of the problem.  DEMAND! Mexico has long been the superhighway of drugs into North America.  It supplies most of the meth, marijuana, cocaine and poppy.  Film tells the story.  Check out VBS.TV/Narco Cinema.

Richie Farrell on Prescription Addiction Radio This Sunday 9PM EST.   You can also just go online o and listen.   Also check out Richie’s recent book;   What’s Left of Us by Richard Farrell.  He is a recovery advocate from Lowell, Mass; original source city for heroin.  His book; a portal into an addict’s life…emerging to take his life back…  What’s left of “me”

And the message is… “lock up your drugs”

Drew Pinsky talks on the View and would like parents to lock up their drugs.  It’s a small start.  Listen to Dr. Drew discuss the abuse of Rx pain killers as an “Epidemic”

Dadonfire  interview, PRE-RECORDED!– AVAILABLE for (1) week following Wednesday, Mar. 31st, on  It is then archived on their website.  Log in and listen.   Topics include the background of the website, the elusiveness of sobriety, reaching the un-reachable, collateral damage to family and the bigger picture.  Check it out. hits a milestone 10,000 mark in viewership today, thanks to you!

Since July of 2009, this website blog has had one purpose as a community service:  education and solutions in the world of addiction and recovery.      Thanks for viewing the site and spreading the message, exposing the issues and sharing your stories and possibilities.  Recovery is possible.

Victory Recovery! ♦  Every Thursday @ 2561 W. Ruthrauff Road in Tucson,  a suffering addict can show up for dinner @ 6:15 PM followed by a large group meeting @ 7PM and  by a 12 step or focused group meeting from 8Pm to 9Pm. Childcare avail.  The evenings final focus of work is outlined in their focus program

This Woodstock rock star is a rock star in the intervention world too! Check out Dallas Taylor’s 25 plus year resume of recovery, counseling and intervention services @ Also! read about some interesting cultural history as Dallas chronicles of his own addiction and road to recovery in “Prisoner of Woodstock”.   …”Intervention is a true expression of love and, if done correctly, can truly honor the loved one, who by this point must be feeling a great deal of pain and loneliness.”  Dallas Taylor Treatment resources: TREATMENT LOCATOR

Some insurance companies may cover substance abuse treatment. The vast majority will provide far too little help for their insured addicts.  That is a hard reality for addicts to face.  It is one reason among many others,  that reform and public acceptance of treatment is needed.    Here is a look at common discrimination practiced by the insurance industry as it is related to treatment for drug addiction.  View it in an piece entitled “Can’t Get Treatment Through Your Health Insurance Plan”. Also check out the rest of’s film series on addiction. The website CHOOSE HELP goes on to talk about affordability and other options for treatment.

Baby Boomers Still Doing Drugs as Seniors link by Mary

The Media Awareness Project –  Drug News Archives link by Mary S.

R.I.P. Corey Haim

I respect his attempts to get clean.  Corey died March 10th.  There is a  long list of celebrities who have been beaten by addiction and it’s mostly opiate based prescription drugs and heroin that are doing the killing.  An issue relating more to the disease of addiction than Corey, is generating a lot of hot questions about a big problem. Celebrity addicts underscore the deadly threat “legal prescription opiates” have on young people.  Attention is falling on the plague of doctor shopping, the prescription drug black market and a massive prescription drug ring. So Corey’s death, brings attention to a problem that in part is the 4th largest cause of death now. links by Mary S. and dadonfire.

New TV show  on addiction

Premieres March 17 @10/9c.  Its called Addicted. link contribution by Mary S.

Judge Gray speaks out on failing drug laws.

Dadonfire is looking at all sides of the issue in this rather interesting you  tube video.  “Six Groups Who Benefit from Drug Prohibition”

Drug demand is not just a problem with street dealers.  As pain clinics compete for your Rx needs; (3) are under fire for feeding a Florida black market of narcotics, stretching half way across the U.S.   Read Cracking Down on South Florida Pill Mills and Federal, Local Agents Raid 3 Palm Beach County Pain Clinics. Listen to LIVE online radio  Sunday @ 9-11PM, EST  Prescription Addiction Radio .  Larry Golbom and Tom Kertscher of the Journal Sentinel discuss the deadly impact of legal drugs. Credits:  News links by JJB  ♦  Ad links by Keith

Who best to talk about the drug war than, Oliver North. Made famous in the Iran-Contra scandal, he knows drug trafficking, albeit “contra”versial.   North faults Obama’s efforts for not fighting the war head-on as the Obama Administration coordinates efforts with Mexico taking on the drug war, less directly.   While, Mexican citizens deal with violence, U.S. citizens deal with addiction, fueling demand.   Sen. Jim Webb’s efforts is a proposal that seeks to reduce demand through widespread treatment starting in our jails.  America’s addiction to heroin, methamphetamines and marijuana is fueling this war.  Reducing drug demand is a beneficial place to start.  links by M. Slivinski

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