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In 2009 I met with the Tucson Weekly and was interviewed by reporter Mari Herreras.  Mari reported a small part of the story in the Weekly, focusing mostly on my Son’s struggle with opiate drugs.  The genesis of this was depression partly emerging from a diagnosis of type one diabetes, and a five-hour face surgery that left him dependent on Vicoden. What followed had a huge impact on me.  Three years later, I found myself engaged in a community project where I went on to interview this press statement to introduce http://www.dadonfire.net, a community oriented web blog on the true impact of addiction.  The rest of the story will follow the blog into the future.

Father ignites awareness of substance abuse impact on families and communities with DadOnFire.net

(Tucson, AZ)  Bill Ford was no stranger to drug and alcohol abuse early in his young adulthood.  With the help of AA in the late eighties,  he left behind some bad habits and  pursued an education  and career in architecture.  Unfortunately, his children had  become too familar with drugs and alcohol on their own.  As Bill supported his children through various rehab with divided success,  he saw a repeat of what was present during his own recovery process,  his family began to divide and dissolve. Through extensive research Bill found documentation and resources that confirmed the widespread damage to millions of other  families as well as the monumental costs to communities where drug addiction is involved.

The emotional and financial damage to our youth, families and community is on the rise.  In Tucson alone 73% of the arrested males and 69% of the arrested females tested positive for drugs in 2003. In 2004 Pima County reported that 77% of area 12th graders had used alcohol and 52% had used drugs. Phoenix statistics are very similar.

With a burning passion for wanting to see a venue for sharing and exchanging experiences and resources for those in the world of addiction and recovery, Bill ignited DadOnFire.net. His intention is to spark each viewer into building their own fire for compassion and recovery for those they know impacted by addiction and obsession with substance abuse. Bill states, “Dadonfire.net is a participatory blog for not only those in need; but for those who have answers. Input is kindling for the fire.  Personal stories, analysis, breaking news, treatment and recovery efforts, lobby updates and cutting edge information is what we want.   Each contribution will fan the flames of success”.

In the short months since its inception in July of “09” , DadOnFire.net has featured some incredible contributions and links  to over  2200 world wide visitors.   The site is expecting 22,000 visitors by the end of the year.

“Awesome site, Bill! I look forward to partnering with you to spread the message of hope to struggling families and friends! “ Joe Herzanek, Changing lives Foundation, Chaplain, Counselor, Recovery Advocacy

“A really great and courageous effort on your part.”  Bob Vint, Author, Architect, Community Activist.

“I admire you for taking this initiative, and I think it will make a difference.”  Tom Greco, Author, Economist, Global Activist

The project originally grew out of the Self Expression and Leadership Program of Landmark Education (www.landmarkeducation.com) and is now a permanent public awareness resource with a growing public support base.

Bill Ford is a Tucson resident and Architect by profession. He is available for interviews and has become a local encyclopedia of information regarding the damages and costs of substance abuse on the family and on the community.

The time is perfect!  Communities across  America are exhausted by the “War” on drugs and are warming up to an atmosphere of compassion and recovery.  Dadonfire tracks legislation as it relates to drug law and health care reform, funding for treatment and efforts that will reduce the criminalization of addicts and prison sentencing.  Be a part of the solution by contributing your input and spreading the word about dadonfire.net