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For years it has been known that natural organic food can heal a body and end drug addiction.  Gary Hayden is helping people do that. “...We must learn how to clean the organism we have polluted so that the automated decision making processes of our body can reset themselves…Words are like cleaning your floor by telling your floor; be Clean!  Not too effective.  We need a set of tools with real power.  One minute of silence with God is better than a thousand books.  Organic food is well worth the price.  A complete cleaning of your organism with nutrition is the beginning of a sound recovery…” Gary L. Hayden  CLICK on Addiction and Diet to read more.  Regenerative NutritionAddiction Treatments,,  Whole Self Recovery,… are more links for information on natural healing of addiction.

“Methadone Maintenace is disdained by many in the treatment industry as a therapy that simply replaces addiction to one drug for another… critics charge that methadone programs are mostly successful at controlling the social costs of opiate addiction, doing little to promote actual recovery from the disease”…  Ted Jackson, Treatment Magazine.  View the rest of Ted’s article here:  America’s Methadone King  With so many opiate addicts in the U.S., methadone is becoming a business magnet.  Buprenorphine is very likely to follow.  Ted Jackson’s article portrays CRC as controlling the largest number of clinics.  61 out of a total of 1050 clinics in the U.S receiving roughly 1.3 million dollars in annual revenue per clinic.  CMG is 2nd place with 50 clinics.  Using CRC’s revenue formula the potential for methadone sales in the U.S approaches a billion dollars.  Obviously, public funded facilities will not disappear tomorrow, but their tax base is something that states continue to cut.  Bain Capital’s CRC and… other big interests in methadone

Our America  with Lisa Ling examines tough issues, one of which is drug addiction.  In the episode; “Mike and Darla:Survival in New York City”, Lisa shows us how where seemingly normal everyday couple became trapped in a life style they are struggling to escape; addiction and the destruction it left behind.  Darla didn’t make it.  Many don’t make it out of the abyss of addiction.  We want to think; just quit, but look at the statistics. ABC News looks at the Skyrocketing use of Heroin by our kids and that is where this starts.   There is something we are missing and its attacking families from the inside out.  We fill our jails with all kinds of addicts and alcoholics.  A small minority of addicts who have spent a enough time in jail are fortunate to hang on to their sobriety when they were released.  A sober addict named Tommy was one of the lucky ones who did.  Being an addict is a rotten choice to make, but once done, leaving that realty becomes harder with every day spent using, until for most, it is impossible. There is something missing in America, when a damaging trend that affects us all is ignored by those who can make the biggest difference.

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