Our America  with Lisa Ling examines tough issues, one of which is drug addiction.  In the episode; “Mike and Darla:Survival in New York City”, Lisa shows us how where seemingly normal everyday couple became trapped in a life style they are struggling to escape; addiction and the destruction it left behind.  Darla didn’t make it.  Many don’t make it out of the abyss of addiction.  We want to think; just quit, but look at the statistics. ABC News looks at the Skyrocketing use of Heroin by our kids and that is where this starts.   There is something we are missing and its attacking families from the inside out.  We fill our jails with all kinds of addicts and alcoholics.  A small minority of addicts who have spent a enough time in jail are fortunate to hang on to their sobriety when they were released.  A sober addict named Tommy was one of the lucky ones who did.  Being an addict is a rotten choice to make, but once done, leaving that realty becomes harder with every day spent using, until for most, it is impossible. There is something missing in America, when a damaging trend that affects us all is ignored by those who can make the biggest difference.