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100 Best Blogs

Compiled By L. Fabry

As more addictions come into our lives, more addicts are created. It can go far beyond substance abuse and wreck families, as well as lives. Below are the best 100 blogs from addicts, for addicts, and for the families of addicts.

Best Alcoholic Blogs

Men, women, and teens are effected by this disease and their journeys can be read below.

1. My Way Out: Roberta Jewell is the author of a book of the same title and her blog is a multi-faceted approach to treat alcohol addiction. Treatments, drugs, and other addiction related topics are discussed.

2. Dryblog: Stop here for support, resources, and even humorous quips designed for the recovering alcoholic. Posts often deal with famous figures and their relationship with alcohol.

3. Depression Marathon: Etta is a health professional who was diagnosed with depression in addition to her battles with addiction. Learn how she uses exercise, her dog, and more to deal with life’s daily struggles.

4. One Sober Alcoholic: Mary Christine is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Her blog entries often recount the past and how she got through some of her more difficult days.

5. Sober Woman of God: Banana Girl uses her blog to chronicle her journey in sobriety with the help of God and AA. She has over 1,200 days of sobriety and often blogs on it.

6. Another Sober Alcoholic: Steve is from Florida and records his daily life in AA and doesn’t forget what the past was like. He often blogs on daily life as a recovering alcoholic.

7. Humble Road Warrior: Learn about daily life as a recovering addict by reading this blog. The past and the future are often discussed.

8. AHA Moments: Karen’s recovery has given her a second chance at life at 45 years old. She is expecting a grandchild and often blogs on that in addition to sobriety.

9. One Prayer Girl: OPG has been in AA since July of 1985 and a member of Alanon for four years. Get updates on daily life and struggles through her blog.

10. Letting Go: Louisey believes there is no wrong way to get and stay sober. The blog is full of entries on the fight to stay sober and what she is up to.

Best Drug Addict Blogs

These blogs cover everything from addicts of marijuana to cocaine.

11. Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Community Blog: This site gathers blogs from all over the web and compiles them here. Get the latest entries by drug addicts and many others.

12. Marijuana Addiction Recovery: This blog was created to help the author explore and overcome an addiction to marijuana. In addition to the posts, you can get a guide to quitting, relaxation techniques, and why you should quit smoking pot.

13. Breaking the Silence: This blog was created by a radio show and often posts on the addicts who call in for help. A recent caller was on Oxycontin and displayed the signs of a typical user.

14. J to the O the E: Joey Kovar showed the true consequences of addiction on his stint as a houseguest on “The Real World: Hollywood.” Read his blog, visit his new website, or see his upcoming appearance on “Celebrity Rehab 3.”

15. My Recovery: This is a 36 year old mother of three who is a recovering addict whose drug of choice varies on her mood. Get an inside look at this problem by reading her blog.

16. Forum Matters: A community of bloggers post on trying to quit smoking marijuana. Read them all or start your own blog.

17. Cocaine Addiction Kinda Sucks: This blogger believes there is a difference between moderation and addiction. Beware for racy language, nude pictures, and the details of a recovering addict.

18. Trying to Recover: Miss Heroin is a 25 year old woman, recovering addict, and trying to stay on the path that leads back to her family. She stopped blogging in February, but has some harsh words to say about her struggle and critics.

19. A Heroin Addict’s Blog: Gledwood believes that not all junkies are purse-snatching, grandmother-killing psychos and keeps this blog to prove that. Get updates on daily life, progress, and more.

Best Blogs of Those who Have an Addict in the Family

Proving that addiction hurts everyone, family members will often posts on the addictions of their spouse or child.

20. Family and Friends: If someone you care about is struggling with addiction, then visit these blogs to read the stories of others going through the same thing. You can also get posts from addicts themselves.

21. Alcoholic Daze: Rosiero is a London housewife and mother who is watching her husband slowly kill himself with alcohol. Blog entries focus on his decline and how it is effecting the family.

22. Subdural Flow: Andrew went from a sweet teenaged boy, to a drug addict who stole his mother’s car. Learn how she struggles with having her son be an addict by reading her blog.

23. Mother of a Drug Addict: This mom has two daughters. One who is getting married and another who is going through rehab. The blog is full of the ups and downs of both.

24. Hurting Parents-Addicted Son: ChaiLatte has two sons, one who is an active addict. A good blog to read to learn the warning signs of addiction.

25. A Room of Mama’s Own: Mary is married, raising two children, learning about autism, and married to a sex addict. In her blog she shares her journey, as well as the search for herself.

26. All’s Fair in Love and Alcohol: Gin is a mother and wife to an alcoholic who is learning to stand on her own through Al-anon. A recent post dealt with how she is getting stronger while he is getting weaker.

27. An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom: Mom and Dad anonymously post on how drugs are destroying their son. Posts range from depressing to angering to inspiring.

28. The Junky’s Wife: Her husband’s addiction has torn their marriage apart. You can read how from beginning to end on this blog.

29. Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction: Debby’s son is an addict and she hopes for her blog to be a ministry to others experiencing the same. This true life story of an addicted child is relatable and well told.

30. Mom vs Heroin: Athena’s daughter is a drug addict. Her blog chronicles the massive and numerous problems that have stemmed from this.

Best Sex Addict Blog

Go beyond drugs and alcohol to those who are addicted to pornography and internet sex. Graphic language and depictions are used.

31. New Life Habits: This is a free resource for you or a loved one to overcome sexual addiction. Click on a category from twelve steps to spirituality for more on the topic.

32. My Sex Drug: Ken is a member of Sex Addicts Anonymous and found that the only way to become healthier is to open up to others who struggle with sex addiction. One of the most well kept blogs, he has just experienced a relapse but continues blogging.

33. I Am a Sex Addict: This is a purely video blog on sex addiction. Posts include trying to cry, phone calls, and fighting.

34. Eli Hornby: Eli is a husband, father, pastor, as well as a sex and drug addict. He posts on the daily struggle, along with triggers and treatments.

35. Rae’s Confessions: Rae struggles with sex addiction, compulsive overeating, as well as the lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse. Read the story of recovery and get updates on the blog.

36. Betrayed by Cybersex: Women can also suffer from this disease and this blog chronicles the journey. Top posts include feelings towards her partner and other racy, yet frank topics.

37. Quitting Pornography: Have trouble doing that? So does Matt who is doing his best with the help of his wife and believes you can too. Read the blog posts to learn more about his ups and downs.

38. Dr. Petra Boynton: This doctor helps sex addicts recover and deal with relationship issues. Get expert advice on this topic, along with tips for treatments and counseling.

39. Sex Addict…What Me?: FOC has had many elicit sexual encounters and keeps a blog on his journey. It contains racy language and adult situations.

40. Freedom From Sex Addiction: Bernard is 43 years old, married with a child, and suffered from his addiction for 30 years. Find out how he is doing, along with useful tips for the addict, on the blog.

41. This is a War: If you think you may be addicted to sex on the internet, check out this site for the warning signs. You can also get useful links to resources that can help.

42. Hope of Recovery: This sex addict stopped blogging in 2008, but you can still read the harrowing journey. Learn what sex means to an addict, questions on recovery, and more.

Best Sites for Support for Addicts

Addicts and families can visit the below sites to find tons of support for alcohol abuse, drug use, and more.

43. Alcoholics Anonymous: A leader in alcohol abuse treatment, stop here to see if AA is right for you or someone you love. You can get more information on the twelve steps, find a meeting in your area, or get the site in Spanish or French.

44. NIAAA: The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has many resources for the addict. You can get up to date publications, research information, and even updates on clinical trials.

45. CSAT: The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment has options for addicts, partners, and even those with mental health issues. Read the FAQs or use their abuse treatment facility locator.

46. Cocaine Anonymous: CA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences with each other to solve their common problems and help each other recover from addiction. You can self test for addiction, find a meeting in your area, or help them make a new meditation book.

47. Marijuana Anonymous: There are no dues or fees for membership. The only requirement is a desire to stop using marijuana. Visit the site to learn more about meetings, the twelve steps, life with hope, and more.

48. Al-Anon/Alateen: This group is ideal for kids, teens, or anyone who has had their life effected by alcoholism. You can download or call them for a free informational guide.

49. Families Anonymous: If an addict in your family has had devastating consequences on you, visit this site. Find a meeting in your area or get useful materials as well.

50. Narcotics Anonymous: This site gives every addict the chance to experience a message of hope and find the opportunity for a new way of life. Find a meeting, get recovery literature, or read their reports.

51. Sexaholics Anonymous: SA is a recovery program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and received permission to use its twelve steps in 1979. There are resources for newcomers, along with services for membership, which is free.

52. Recoveries Anonymous: RA offers hope to those who have yet to find the recoveries they are looking for, those who have found some recovery, and their family and friends. They have tips for getting started, fellowship services, and more.

53. Nicotine Anonymous: Not illegal, but nicotine can still ruin a person’s life. Get help with quitting, withdrawal, and more by visiting this site.

Best Overcoming Addiction Communities

Join one of the below online groups to get support for yourself or an addict you love.

54. Sober Bulldog: Become a member of this community to be part of this online recovery community. You can also read the blog of Rick Ohrstum to learn why he is sober but pissed.

55. The Second Road: This online community of addicts has a sharing wall where short posts often start with “Right now I am…” or “I am thankful for…” Become a member to post your own, or read the many posts of other addicts.

56. The Junkies’s Wives Club: Their goal is to provide a virtual meeting space for online support for those struggling with someone else’s addiction. Read the forums, join a group, or read one of the many blogs on this site.

57. Recovery is Everywhere: Visit this site to see if there is an active community in your area. You can also get more addiction resources and tools for those that need help.

58. My Way Out Forums: Read the tons of entries on the message boards designed for alcoholics looking for a way out. They even have information about what to expect based on how much you’re drinking.

59. Dr. Phil Message Boards: With a special section for mental health, addicts can view the thousands of posts on support. There are also dozens of other message boards for family, health, money, and more.

60. Center for Internet Addiction Recovery: One of the newest forms of addiction, take one of their many tests to see if you have an internet addiction. They also have resources for partners, professionals, and even a support group.

61. Addiction Treatment and Recovery Community: Join this group at no charge to connect with other addicts, share photos or videos, and read stories. There are also many groups, videos, and activities designed for addicts.

62. Sober Salon: This community of bloggers post mostly to vent, yet are frank and honest about their addictions. You can read entries from those just starting their journey or from someone with years of sobriety.

63. Sober Moms: Moms who are also addicts will enjoy this online community just for them. Post photos, going a group or forum, write a blog, and much more.

64. Sober Musicians: Thinking of using music to help in your quest for sobriety? Then check out this site to join a forum, get your own blog, and even apply for financial assistance.

65. Methadone Anonymous: If you are addicted to this drug, or know someone who is, stop by this site for support. Check out the message boards, get involved, and more.

66. Sober House Forums: This was a show on Vh1 that chronicled the sober living of celebrities under the supervision of Dr. Drew. Threads still continue on sobriety, addiction, and even some non related topics.

Best Sponsor Blogs

Addicts often use the help of a sponsor in their rehab, and below are their blogs.

67. Mr. Sponsor Pants: Mr. SP is over 45 with over 20 years of sobriety and likes to be thought of as a virtual sponsor. He often blogs on his life, work, and even helps those who send in questions or need help.

68. AA Sponsors: This community of bloggers is designed for the sponsor. Get a ton of tools from or for sponsors by visiting here.

69. Sober Tweets: Dale Merritt is a sponsor and you can read all his tweets here. Comment on one of his thoughts or, if you are a non member, read about the daily life of a sponsor.

Best Addiction Treatment Blogs

These professionals blog on the treatment of a wide variety of addictions.

70. Daily Dose: Visit here for daily information on drug and alcohol recovery. Entries often deal with the latest in addiction news and treatments.

71. Alcohol Freedom Blog: Dr. Michael Pearlman blogs on the many myths and treatments of alcoholism. Recent entries include functioning alcoholics and anti-craving medications.

72. Addiction and Recovery News: Jason Schwartz is the director of Dawn Farm, an addiction treatment center. He blogs on controversies, trends, and research findings related to drug and alcohol addiction.

73. Pros and Pro’s: Therapy Doc and others discuss addiction treatment. Many entries deal with sponsors, medications, and more.

74. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog: Anyone thinking about, going through, or who has been through rehab should give this blog a look. It gives the latest news, along with what to look for in a treatment program.

75. Michael’s House: This program offers services to addicts of all types with an toll free hotline or even the option to chat live online. Their blog is full of entries on alcohol, cocaine, meth, and more.

76. The Canyon Blog: A treatment center and rehab facility, they offer help for many addictions. The blog focuses on a variety of topics from cocaine to prescription drug abuse.

77. We Restore Hope: This treatment center specializes in alcohol, drugs, and mental health. Blog entries generally start with an inspirational quote.

78. Addictions and the Brain: Not necessarily a blog, but this pdf by Dr. Daniel Boone shows how breakthroughs in medicine have now revealed that addictions are related to a change in the pleasure/reward pathways in the brain. Definitely worth a view if you want to know what doctors know about addiction.

79. Addiction Doctor: Howard Wetsman is an addiction psychiatrist practicing in the New Orleans area. Get his advice on prevention, treatment, relapse, and more.

Best Overcoming Addictions Podcasts and Videos

Check out the below to listen to a show or watch a video on the realities and challenges of addiction.

80. 12 Step Radio: Stop by to listen to their broadcast full of music to inspire you in your recovery. You can join their online forums, use the sobriety calculator, or even submit a song of your own.

81. The Afflicted and Affected: Host Chris Schroeder highlights the most current and effective treatments for addicts. Listen to the weekly show, post a blog, or find out how you can be on the show.

82. Take 12 Radio: Sponsors provide you with recovery, talk, and positive music. With over 1,500 episodes you can find information for all sorts of addictions.

83. Renee Bledsoe: Join the creator of Addiction Alchemy™, based on the Medicine Wheel model, for insights, info and inspiration on her Tuesday afternoon radio show. A recent episode dealt with what it means to truly be broken versus breaking open.

84. FA Convention: Families Anonymous has conventions every year and posted their workshops as free podcasts. Choose from Spirituality Step 12, Know Yourself Step 4, and Sponsorship.

85. Drug Addiction Recovery: Get the true life stories of addicts and recovery from these videos. Provided by the patients of The Second Road, you can see how addiction effects everyone.

86. La Hacienda Podcast: There is only one episode so far, but this leading facility put out over 50 minutes of helpful advice. Chris R. gave a lecture for families going through addiction and you can listen to it or download.

87. Paxil Addiction Story: This prescription medication can be very addictive and you can learn more in this report from ABC News. There are also many other related videos on the subject.

88. Prescription Addiction Radio: This show discusses the culture in our country that has accepted that a growing number of people cannot get through their day without an addictive drug. Listen to one of the many shows, sound bites, or get more information on prescription drugs.

89. Sexual Addiction Recovery: Watch these videos designed for sex addicts. Get a screening test, journaling worksheet, relapse prevention plan, and even special sessions by Ted Roberts.

90. Rkramer: Rich is a fundraiser and filmmaker who has compiled a series of videos on addiction and rehab. Get videos on heroin, group recovery, and more.

Best Specialty Blogs and Sites for Overcoming Addiction

These sites and blogs were designed for a specific addict or just to help in general.

91. Addiction Blog: The blog’s mission is to incite intelligent communication about the trends and discoveries in the treatment of addiction. Get information on all sorts of addiction beyond drugs. Useful for parents, caregivers, or even addicts who want help.

92. Big Book Online: The fourth edition of this book is now available for free download. Choose from chapters such as Bill’s Story, There is a Solution, How 42 Alcoholics Recovered, or grab the whole thing.

93. Internet Addiction Recovery: Dr. Kimberly Young has studied Internet addiction since 1994 and maintains this blog. Get useful information for addictions on cyber sex, social sites, and more.

94. Drug Abuse Screening Quiz: This online test is confidential and can tell you in 20 questions whether or not you should seek treatment. It does not provide a diagnosis and cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a healthcare professional, but is a good place to start.

95. Reviews: This blog constantly reviews books, movies, and more to see if they are appropriate for addicts. Recently they took on books such as “The Addict” and “Twilight.”

96. The Good Drugs Guide: Get the latest in drug abuse and treatment news by visiting this blog. Recent articles include drug busts, the loss of endorsements due to drug use, and five of the most expensive drug rehabs.

97. Food and Drug Administration: Get the latest alerts from the FDA on drug approval and bans. You can also get medication guides, clinical trial information, and even resources on counterfeit medication.

98. My Addiction: This series of blogs covers every type of addiction from drugs to shopping to online addictions. Read them all or get information on a treatment center.

99. The Budgeting Babe: Nicole is a working girl on a budget and admitted shopaholic. She often gives tips on how to stretch a dollar and occasionally how to deal with a shopping addiction.

100. Pocket Sponsor: Get support for addicts 24/7 by purchasing this mobile and virtual sponsor. Starting at $7.95, it has a recovery meditation and positive statement for every hour of the day for 31 days.

Addicts are often asked to write about their experiences as part of their recovery or find support in their community. With the help of these top 100 overcoming addiction blogs, they can do just that.