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Happy New Years!  Drive sober; everybody hurts when we don’t

Forwarded,  courtesy of Chaplain Joe Herzanek,  Changing Lives Foundation

What Do You Buy An Addict For Christmas? is the name of an excellent podcast put together by Denise Krochta podcast on  Denise has been down the same hellish road that so many  parents of addicts have walked.  Its a very bumpy road that’s not very drivable, but Denise has risen above the traps of her own co-dependence and has written about it.   Her book Sweat as Denise puts it; “cuts to the chase” about what options parents have.   She goes on to say, “Addiction is a disease not only of the addict but of the family.” She adds “The intention of this book is to cut through the volumes and months of time and materials I already researched and to present to you, the reader, a kind of “cut to the chase” approach to arm you with tools to help you to have a good life no matter the choices of your loved ones.” As far as Christmas gifts go, it doesn’t take a  lot of  imagination to figure out  where money and gifts most likely will go, but there are some things you can give an addict.  Check out Denise’s podcast and book. 

The Drug Monster is a website written by Vince’s Mom, the real life character in the story about Vince’s fall from  innocent grace into the abyss of drug abuse.  The site is obviously written for the young and impressionable and for their moms and dads.  Drugs are a monster and early vigilance is invaluable.  Take a look at the site INTERVENE which focuses on early action.  Once addiction to drugs like heroin and meth sets in, every year that goes by is a year of extremely negative imprinting on the psychology of a young mind. The website and its video  “The Boy Who Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster” offers an innocent explanation of youth stepping into the drug world.  Vince like many drug abusers alludes to the sinister power of heavy drugs, marijuana being his gateway drug.   You might also want to check out Scumbag Sewer Rats which delves into the criminalization of young drug abusers and the archetype of the eternal boy.   The website, Drug Monster, is a christian one and sets a tone that underlies the basis of one successful pathway into recovery  taught by Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous which is letting go and letting god; having a power greater than ourselves.  All addicts are who they are because of themselves.  Admitting powerlessness to drugs and giving it all to a higher power is the bliss that replaces addiction to drugs and alcohol and its free.   link by Donna.

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