What Do You Buy An Addict For Christmas? is the name of an excellent podcast put together by Denise Krochta podcast on WebTalkRadio.net.  Denise has been down the same hellish road that so many  parents of addicts have walked.  Its a very bumpy road that’s not very drivable, but Denise has risen above the traps of her own co-dependence and has written about it.   Her book Sweat as Denise puts it; “cuts to the chase” about what options parents have.   She goes on to say, “Addiction is a disease not only of the addict but of the family.” She adds “The intention of this book is to cut through the volumes and months of time and materials I already researched and to present to you, the reader, a kind of “cut to the chase” approach to arm you with tools to help you to have a good life no matter the choices of your loved ones.” As far as Christmas gifts go, it doesn’t take a  lot of  imagination to figure out  where money and gifts most likely will go, but there are some things you can give an addict.  Check out Denise’s podcast and book.