Frank’s Story

I used to get suboxone just to curb my withdrawal when I was using.   I’d like to give you some origin to my mode of addiction.  When I was a kid, I had so much extra energy and anxiety that never went away until I was fifteen.  My parents had sent me to doctors and all they could do was give me ritalin.  I found cannabis when I was 15 and it seemed to get rid of 75% of my anxiety/compulsivity.  This is a reason that I support medical cannabis.   I did abuse it just like any teenager would.  I had not been properly informed of such things (mostly DARE’s fault), and didn’t know that I could use just a little bit  to make my life so livable and enjoyable.

Anything psychiatrically related medicine-wise that could decrease my anxiety was either addictive or would shut down higher functions of my brain — I am a person that wants to use as much of his brain as possible. When it came to LSD and mushrooms, I used them by myself, first smaller doses then large, and was able to completely shatter my various neurosis.   All these things are related to the brain not producing enough dopamine/endorphin/etc.. which balance a person out. Before it was illegal, many doctors cured thousands and thousands of people with schizophrenia so bad they couldn’t get out of their bed to wipe their ass — to the point of being able to hold jobs, with one specific drug. The drug that cured them – LSD. And for the rest of their lives. It’s all about learning the intricacies of your mind and how to control them. That’s why once in a blue moon, some poor fool will do a bunch of acid and go bonkers for a long time.. too much too fast.   Anything not done in moderation has it’s downfalls.

Later on, tripping, I found cocaine (whilst tripping) and was like “Wow, I didn’t think I could enjoy something more than 20 hits of acid alone in one sitting.” So here I am, with my neuroses all but vanquished and I’m pushing the limits combining L and coke. It was great, but if you don’t go through a period of meditation afterwards and calm yourself in acid sessions, your brain stays so on that you find yourself trying to calm those far reaches of your brain that you’ve found and turned on that stayed on years after your last trip.  This is about when I found heroin. Unlike alcohol, which just numbed my senses, I found heroin to be a very evolved alkaloid in that it could reach those far out places that I turned on, and calm them in just the right way. I had learned in the DARE program, that heroin and coke were two sides of the same coin, with equal addictive and harm inducing potential. Just that one was an upper, the other a downer.  I had done coke on and off, sometimes in large amounts, sometimes making a gram last a month, never needing it when I ran out. So I think “wow, here is something that can feel so good, be so calm, and is as harmless as powder cocaine.  Little did I know, it was far from my expectations, and the guys who got me into it knew that, but like they say, misery loves company.  The shit had me in less than two weeks, and I went through the BS of “well I’ll just do it for now to work, and slowly get off of it.”

I used to buy suboxone to mediate my heroin addiction. Little did I know back then that you could buy dried poppy heads online.  Or that eighty dollars of street heroin couldn’t touch a ten dollar cup of that oh so good poppy tea.  I have been much higher and for longer, (and safer), on that tea than I ever have been using IV heroine. When I found this, I couldn’t believe the money I’d spent before on dope, and the damage I’d done to myself with needles. (Even though I always used fresh needles and never once shared.) Mother nature has an answer for just about everything.  I had been busted with simple possession of heroine my 3rd time, and was out on bond when I found the poppies, and it made me so mad. Not just that I had been screwed by dirty system, but that I had helped fund it for so long. If a person can get unequally loaded on a simple cup of tea, why in God’s creation would they buy heroin off of the street and not only be a victim of the system, but actually contribute to it.  My case was continued for about a year, why I will not say, and they let me off on probation as they often always do to white kids with simple possession charges.  I couldn’t do the poppies anymore, they were loaded with morphine and codeine. The simple, cheap answer to my “leveling off” was no longer reachable, as I would be drug tested at least for 6 months.  So the only things out there for me were suboxone and Kratom leaf.  I find that suboxone will completely alleviate withdrawal symptoms.  No insanity, no shitting, no puking, it was a miracle in of itself. You know, they make it from Thebaine from the poppy.  Just like they make oxycontin, hydrocodone, and all the others from Thebaine, (most off the time). Even though I was “right/fixed”. There was still a little bit of imbalance, some sort of anxiety that the opiates had helped me with for so long.  If you know someone with a problem with opiates, I would recommend Kratom to help them.  As far as I can remember, unless I was using unbelievable amounts of dope, Kratom would get me right for a few days, until all the dope had exited my system. But even then it wasn’t so bad. Fifty times better than cold turkey most definitely.  By the end of my run with poppy tea, I was taking the equivalent of 150-300 mg’s of morphine per day.  And yes, that’s a heavy habit, much heavier than most people ever get with dope, (which is only like 10 to 25 percent pure anyways.) I went to a shrink and he prescribed me suboxone, 16 mg’s. Even with Kratom, it took me about a week until I was able to feel “normal”. But man, what a week that would’ve been if I hadn’t had anything, or even if I had just had Kratom.  Suboxone has a little sword on the back of it in the shape of a Cross, there’s definately a correlation of saving people with bad habits.

Suboxone works like this.. Like all other opiates, it is full opiate receptor agonists.  Meaning they fully stimulate the mu opiate receptor.  Think of a key lock and a key. Most mainstream opiates have about all they teeth on the key to turn those receptors on. Buprenorphine, suboxone’s active, is a partial opiate receptor agonist, like it’s got just over half they keys that the other opiates have. If you know someone with a problem, and they’re taking suboxone, and they have, or you are afraid of them using again because suboxone is just a temporary fix, Suboxone + Kratom will do the job, and Kratom isn’t even in the ballpark in terms of addiction, as the others, even suboxone. But what it will do is go in there, and turn the rest of the lock. Believe me, it will keep that person from looking for dope as long as they’ve got that combo going on.  When on suboxone, I have to make sure not to take too much Kratom because it will get me as high as dope would, and a person gets tired of that feeling after so many years. Like me, they just want to get right and balance out.  Ever since my acid days, I have had like almost an ESP of sorts when it comes to certain things.  I’m guessing that you’re not a virgin to drugs, that you’ve had experiences with pot, maybe coke and a little speed. But it’s alot different out here nowadays, isn’t it. It’s so different. A kid can go from a suburban high schooler with an interest in computers to a dope addict in just weeks.  And not just heroin, prescription drugs are grabbing a lot of kids by the balls nowadays.

15% of all people are born with a lack of dopamine/endorphin production.  This accounts for most attention deficit, and most of the drug problem.  This also accounts for the most intelligent people you will ever meet.  There are things in nature that people would not believe. Morphine, is a much higher evolved alkaloid  than all three of our endogenous opiates in our brains.  It’s like God makes a small lack of something by birth, and expects us to find a safe, righteous way of dealing with it. Some people go mad, others end up in jail and on the street. Some lucky ones, like me, find the answer in nature, and it’s an entire communication thing.  Like if you commune with something, or imbibe something smarter than you are, you learn from it. If you abuse it, (or purify and bastardize it), then it will lead you through hell after level of hell.

Despite what our government tells us, there’s things in nature that are so much better for us then the things they would rather have us do. Alcohol directly kills 100,000 people per year, tobacco a staggering 5.4 million. Marijuana – zero. Sure, they like to find a joint in someone’s ash tray when they’ve died and blame weed, but they neglect to mention their .5 alcohol level, or the insane amount of benzos they found in their system. Cannabis can not be connected with any direct deaths. But hey, if you want to change your state of mind for a Friday afternoon chemically, they want you to go right to the liquor store or supermarket.  Did you know that DMT, a neurotransmitter our brain makes, is a schedule I drug.  Did you also know that each year, people that have incurable cancer and enough money to spend, go to south America to drink the shamans’ ayahuasca (dmt containing drink), and over 60 percent of them come home with no cancer.  Their doctors claim they were misdiagnosed, or that they were an unbelievable “miracle case” and that the shaman’s drink had nothing to do with it. I’ve got personal stories about this very thing. Now yes, it is a very visionary alkaloid, but I’d rather go through a night of visions than have half of my life taken from cancer. I tell you, the problem goes a long way up, to the very top no doubt.  Man, before we went to Afghanistan, over 70 percent of the US’s heroin came from the orient. 911 was a good excuse for allot of things. Did you know that over 91% of this country’s heroine comes from AFGHANISTAN.  They bring the shit over on ships all the time. Just think, our taxes are funding this very operation. You know that’s why dope is so prevalent now, because they have so much of it coming in from the ships directly from Afghanistan, (that’s also why it’s so strong and killing so many people.)  If you want to talk more on these terrible issues, I’d like to as well. I have been through years of addiction in the most intense ways, and after getting basically out of it, (I haven’t touched anything from the street in over a year).  I’ve been looking for a way to help others deal with and find a way out of their addiction.  Frank