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Things We Lost in the Fire! If you know someone close who’s been there; you know the meaning of the title.  This is a not so old 2007 film with academy award winning Benicio Del Toro as a heroin addict.  “The walking dead”.  Check it out here in this you-tube video. You may have to look in the older video stacks to find this; but its worth your time.  Link by Drew.

Meth:  Inside Out, is a powerful and engaging video series.   This you-tube site contains 31 video shorts all 3 to 5 minutes in length, covering every facet and angle of the world of methamphetamine use in America.

Stand by me.  Building a bridge between solutions and addiction

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For those who have not seen The Oxycontin Express, click on the link to view.

A 100 billion dollar drug business and popular narco cinema.  Mexican’s and North Americans love films about drugs….and sex, music, pick-up trucks,  violence….Well, that’s part of the problem.  DEMAND! Mexico has long been the superhighway of drugs into North America.  It supplies most of the meth, marijuana, cocaine and poppy.  Film tells the story.  Check out VBS.TV/Narco Cinema.

Heroin – The Next Generation is an important documentary education video about 90 minutes long created in 2005, centering around Massachusetts and Arizona.  A story every family should see.  To view this, click here:

Judge Jim Gray on C-Span Washington Journal Nov. 2008, discussing the War On Drugs, jails, marijuana and drug prohibition.  The U.S. is currently jailing drug addicts and dually diagnosed addicts with a diagnosable mental problem.  The impact is billions of taxpayer dollars going to a failed drug war, improperly allocated prison budgets, unnecessary emergency room treatment for drug complications, homelessness, and untreated addicts.  Check out this website/video.

New docu-drama MTV series produced by the late DJ AM who paradoxically died recently of a drug overdose.  What an irony!  A heartbreaker!  God bless him.  He lived for a purpose.  Did he die for a purpose – to get our attention?  Here’s part one right here as the show goes on.  This link, courtesy of  Mary Slivinski

Beautiful Boy – a father’s journey through his son’s addiction.   David Sheff writes about his son’s addiction and his own journey… “Beyond the visceral torture of helplessly watching Nic, his adolescent son, descend deep into the rabbit hole of addiction, Sheff confesses to the ubiquitous parental habit of second-guessing every decision he has made throughout Nic’s life…”   David’s son, Nick, does, by grace, recover and Nick goes on to write his own book “Tweek” about his methamphetamine addiction.  See the above links for details about both books

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This is PBS FRONTLINE’s best effort in outreaching the public on a serious drug crisis: The Meth Epidemic. It is a very educational data base well worth taking some time to view.  The website includes the full 2006 television program that was broadcast on prime time PBS programming on the award winning show, FRONTLINE.

Addiction is ugly.  Leonardo DiCapro rocks in this old youtube clip from the movie, “The Basketball Diaries.”  Check it out here.

Loved this…just got this by email …..great video.  Inspiring and goes with the theme of all of us being in this world together for a reason…  What are Friends for – Mary

From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes the first of many “songs around the world” being released independently.  Featured…

Stand by me.  Inspiring acceptance, forgiveness, and recovery

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Stand by me.  Inspiring solutions to the dilemma of addiction.

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Stand by me.  Inspiring  life

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Stand by me.  Inspiring  freedom

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