We are talking about the origin of drug addiction and knocking on deaths door all the way down this dangerous road.  Kids flirt with cheap highs as young as 9.   Often something is missing at home and the choices a kid makes paves the way to drug and alcohol abuse.  Years can pass while parents miss or deny the signs of drug abuse.  Inhalants ranging from a simple “dust off” computer cleaner to a wide range of aerosol, glue and fuel huffing is a common start.   Websites promote parental involvement as the deterrent.  See The National Inhalant Prevention CoalitionDrug and Alcohol Scene and Parents: The Anti Drug.  This is all great!  Talk to your kids! …while you still can.   Kids that don’t get the right attention  probably don’t have two fully conscious parents working together.  Even if we are half conscious to the fact, kids find ways to get high.   The medicine cabinet is another source of opportunity.  Many don’t realize that addiction to street opiates starts with the abuse of legal opiate based drugs.  Keep  prescriptions secure and monitor the pain medication a doctor prescribes for your kids injury.  Statistics indicate that in 2009, 8 million serious drug addicts, whom were kids have slipped through the cracks.  Some are still kids.  We still deal with them.  Our communities deal with them.  By then its tough love.  If that doesn’t work, the tough love they will get on the streets is brutal.  Dadonfire supports a world of recovery.  links by M. Slivinski.