Hooked: Five Addicts Challenge Our Misguided Drug Rehab –  book by Lonny Shavelson …The author shows that the “System” is designed to weed out those who most need its help. Dual diagnosed? Go to the drug rehab centers and be told treatment is not available to those with severe mental disturbance. Rejected but not despairing, go across town to the mental health center and be told, “sorry, we can’t help you until you stop taking drugs.” Suffer a relapse?  Be kicked out of most programs, as though the ability to NOT use drugs is a precondition for admittance to a drug rehab program.  Homeless? Conclude your rehab by being placed in a cheap hotel room in the same part of town where drugs dominate life…sound familar?  Read more here:   http://www.unhooked.com/booktalk/hooked_shavelson.htm