Mother’s Day was a big event for Moms United and the millions they represent.  These Rock Star Moms gathered outside of the Los Angeles Superior Court House to speak out against the war on drugs.  They are concerned about Americas’ endless drug war that is tearing apart families with little mercy.   Spokesperson, Gretchen Burns Bergman along with activist moms, formed the group  Moms United to End the War on Drugs.  They  are doing the work many do not have the courage to do.   Mom’s United is dealing with the scourge of drug addiction through positive solutions, drug policy reform and compassionate harm reducing strategies.  Gretchen is well spoken on the subject and has written for journals and newspapers.   Her latest piece, published the day before Mother’s Day is called Mother’s Day: Tears & Triumphs  You can view other publications by Gretchen in the Huffington Post.