The Narconon program offers a jail alternative to imprisonment and state-supported addiction. More than thirty years ago, an inmate in Arizona State Prison decided to do something to help himself and his fellow prisoners break free from drug dependence. This was the beginning of the Narconon program. A fundamental element of its success is “The New Life Detoxification Program” developed to cleanse the body of accumulated drug residues. This regimen of exercise, nutritional supplements and sauna sweat-out has redefined the concept of drug “detoxification,” and has enabled thousands of addicts to live without continued drug cravings.

“Narconon has a unique position in the rehabilitation field,” said Alfonso-Paredes, M.D., a Professor at UCLA’s School of Medicine and a member of the Narconon International Science Board. He advocates drug rehab as a jail alternative. “It offers addicts a relatively painless, drug-free withdrawal something that most addicts and professionals consider impossible. It has developed effective programs at no cost to taxpayers, at a time when the government has invested billions of dollars in experimental approaches that have not offered satisfactory solutions.”

In a discussion of the Narconon program as a jail alternative, it was stated that the program;” understood that drugs store up inside the body, and that there was something biochemically wrong with people who were drug dependent,” said Dr. Forest Tennant, M.D., an expert in the field of drug abuse who has examined thousands of addicts. “As a result of breakthroughs, Narconon has to my way of thinking – been the most successful residential program for hardcore drug users that the world has ever seen.”

A certainty is growing among parents, law enforcement professionals and those in the rehabilitation field that new approaches to treating addiction must be found. A jail alternative such as the Narconon program is the new key to ending addiction, one that we cannot afford to ignore.

The Atlanta Recovery Narconon program offers a jail alternative to incarceration for most that have created criminal/legal charges as a result of their drug addiction. In the past, a number of states in America have used us as a jail alternative to incarceration and have awarded the client with ‘time served’ at the completion of the program. If you or your family member has encountered legal difficulties as a result of their drug addiction, please give us a call or go to the contact us page and fill out the help form and our legal liaison will determine to what extent we can help find a jail alternative.   Narconon – 877-574-2251