Ongoing debate for decriminalizing the “use” of drugs loses a little steam with latest statement from America’s Drug Czar to the International Association of Police in Denver this month.  A piece put together by JOIN TOGETHER has many links, including Gil Kerlikowske’s speech in PDF and a Washington Post editorial by the Group LEAP who advocate decriminalization and legalization.  Legalization would not create a drug free-for-all.  In fact, regulation reins in the mess we already have.  If prohibition decreased drug use and drug arrests acted as a deterrent, America would not lead the world in illegal drug use and incarceration for drug crimes.  The cost of our drug war is widely known.  Senator Jim Webb knows this and discusses the issue in his senate address, which can be viewed here.  Plain and simple:  the direction America has been going with the drug war is not only failing to get the cartels, it is draining our budgets and making criminals out of many thousands of our own young people every year this travesty continues.  America has a drug “use” crisis.   That’s the real subject.