Drug war politics emerged after Vietnam and it wasn’t just about legalization.  Dadonfire has been looking at addiction and treatment, personal experiences and access to recovery.  We support decriminalization and a shifting of America’s focus on this problem from being silent to creating solutions.  A new paradigm.  Viewers know that for better or worse, the  atmosphere of decriminalization parallels the legalization effort.  Dadonfire’s  interest is decriminalization and access to recovery.  Legalization is whole other focus sometimes synonymous with the anti-drug war lobby.  That is beyond the scope and interest of this website. We do watch some of this work and share  information emerging out of the anti-drug war effort for the benefit of viewers.  Stopthedrugwar.org chronicles  events of 2009 in a piece worth reviewing.   Others sites that  focus on drug war politics and reform are:

Drug Policy Alliance •   NORML •   Drug Truth Network •    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition •    The New American Drug War •       Drug War Facts

You be the judge.  Dadonfire views all sides of the issue in an effort understand all vantage points and to postulate what possibilities will emerge that can significantly impact the access to treatment of drug addiction.  Links by Mary S.