Book Review:  When Painkillers Become Dangerous. What Everone Needs to Know About Oxycontin and Other Prescription Drugs, Drew Pinkskey

“When Painkillers Become Dangerous” was written in 2004 and published by Hazelden.  This book is worth a fresh look.  It is an exceptional resource on drugs, addiction and recovery.   Drew Pinskey (Doctor Drew), the lead author provides one of the clearest explanations of how addiction develops that I have read.  He partners with five other very noteworthy authors.  Marvin Seppala dissects treatment and recovery.  Robert Meyers and John Gardin explain intervention, the prolific William White presents a historical overview of all drugs and their particular addictive characteristics while Stephanie Brown relates the insidiousness of addiction as a family problem.  Anyone looking for a resource written by top experts in clear language will benefit from reading this.