Hillary Clinton’s  March 23rd  “high level” visit to Mexico is a start.  She says we need a “shift”.   Still, no one is hitting a home run on U.S. demand.  Its time to stop sweeping that part of the equation under the rug.  America needs sweeping new policy changes to squash demand in ways we still don’t acknowledge.  While the DEA amps up its PR for more  drug war funding and new narco-terror strategies they readily admit to 7 million junkies in the U.S.  See DEA Statement .  This report indicates a status quo approach to preserving a broken paradigm.   CNN’s Anderson Copper did this 60 minutes report one year ago.  He is ready to do another because the problem is blowing up.  Likewise the Brookings Institute published The Violent Drug Market in Mexico…a year ago.  Clearly the situation is escalating as violence hits new lows in its victims, which includes U.S. citizens.  We need  a war on demand.  Fighting a Mexican Drug War is countering violence with more violence.  Here are two more excellent historical pieces on the drug war.  Mexico’s Drug War, Council on Foreign Relations and Mexican Drug Trade Hits the Border, STRATFOR Global Intelligence.  links by Mary S. and dadonfire.