Harm reduction is the latest buzz work in the treatment industry, drawing both praise and controversy.  Politically and socially, the concept of harm reduction draws fire from Darwinist conservative thinking which  shadows America’s judicial system and drug laws.  America’s need for toughness in this respect,  demands that addicts face the attrition of success or failure.  Failure equates to jails or death.   The other side of this is really the recognition of addiction as a disease.  Partly as a result of  scarce availability of treatment and recovery, compassionate liberal American’s have recently sought to reduce harm to addicts through the acceptance of the disease and by minimizing the hazards present on the streets.  Dr. Andrew Tatarsky has become a lead source in providing information on harm reduction.  His website page, Harm Reduction News is a great place to stay on top of what is going on in the world regarding harm reduction.