On July 13th 2009, http://www.dadonfire.net was born.  We are quickly moving towards 15,000 views in just over one year.   Not bad for a busy dad  fed up with the whole reality of drug addiction and the impact it has had on my family and friends.  I think one reason so many Americans are blind to the horrendous impact of addiction is partly the same reason folks are blind to many other big problems.  Americans are just burnt out with the magnitude of it all.  I will never say we don’t care.  Like any burning issue,  it is the flame of caring and wanting to make a difference that keeps people listening and transforming indifference into compassion.   One day the disease of addiction will be rightly recognized as a legitimate medical condition along with all of its parallel indications of mental anguish.  Many addicts are afflicted with  bi-polar, depression, anxiety dis-order and other conditions that are  very under diagnosed.  The tools and minds are there.  Once the American body follows, we will have it licked.  Keep listening. Keep talking.   Stay on fire.  http://www.dadonfire.net.