How do you find a treatment center for your child and will insurance cover it? These are two questions that always come up when you are dealing with a child with drug addiction.  When one searches on-line,  you find many private facilities and non-profits  which do not accept most insurance.  Drug addiction is tough enough for parents and adding more stress while trying to find the appropriate care is almost an impossibility.  Brief Metro is a snapshot of substance abuse treatment in various metropolitan areas nationwide with focus and examples in Los Angeles.   Therapy Unlimited provides general information on insurance coverage and is geared to getting one to treatment and therapy.  It’s the kind of information that often comes up in online searches which is somewhat useful.   The recent parity act is explained in the CMS website, however, it illustrate just how many insured people still will not get treatment covered.  Still, yet, Hub Pages attempts to offer answers to people wanting to know how to pay for treatment.  It remains very confusing when you realize that there isn’t a shortage of treatment centers but a shortage of dollars to provide for the care.  This is the issue that needs to be addressed.  What can a parent really do?   Online searches help, but often do not lead to clear answers and people who need treatment mostly don’t get it.  That’s a problem.   Links and text by Mary and Bill