Ethan Nadelman’s recent commentary on the drug war, right or wrong,  is part of a conversation.  America needs this conversation on drugs, politics, incarceration and soaring costs to continue from many perspectives until we have a sane solution to the problem.  This is the Drug Policy Alliance’s stand, re-printed in the Huffington Post.  Nadelman, the Alliance spokesman, stresses his point that America plays an immensely expensive cat and mouse game that not only costs taxpayers dearly, but does nothing to keep our jails from swelling beyond capacity with drug related criminal  offenders.  He see’s it as a pork barrel ruse to prop up the drug enforcement and prison industries in an illusionary quest to reduce drug demand.  Some hold to zero tolerance;  others to liberal legalization.  Time and time again, answers to problems, fall somewhere in the middle of extremes.  What is your take on the perennial battle for a sane and sober drug policy in America?  Should America continue to invest in a losing war on drugs or divert taxpayer dollars better use?