Florida’s treasure coast is a stretch of pacific beach from Sebastian to Palm Beach.  Tragic drug overdoses there, are not uncommon.  With little help from the state,  The St. Lucie Sheriff’s Department took  action following the loss of Jaclyn Kinkade, a local beauty, who found herself hooked on prescription  pain killers.   2010 treasure coast overdoses were recorded at 91.  In fact, all of Florida recorded  1270 overdose deaths in the fist half of 2010.   That’s 7 deaths per day.  What makes this alarming, is that, this is prescription drugs we are talking about.  In 2009, prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) was passed in Florida and it is on the chopping block.  The Florida Pain Clinic Society supports monitoring, however,  the  “less government is more” crowd led by Governor Scott’s opposition want to get rid of it.    42 other states have PDMP and States in the Southeast U.S. are frustrated with Florida’s position as the America’s biggest illegal prescription drug source.  links by JJ