America loves its drugs.  Maybe that’s why we are silent to the epidemic of addiction.  25 million Americans abuse something.   From prescription drugs, liquor, caffeine, heroin, a growing trend of free highs,  Americans are experts at self medicating and now our teens buy legal club drugs and herbs practically anywhere, including online.   Salvia is just that; a legal and available drug luring our youth into a culture of drug useSalvia, in fact, has very  negative implications even suicide.  A friend asked me recently, reflecting on Jared Loughner’s use of drugs if that could have contributed to his shooting rampage in Tucson.  I responded by saying the underlying cause was probably already there, i.e., some kind of mental issue, but who knows and is it worth the risk.   ABC News published a video in January of 2011 investigating the drug salvia.   Obviously, some pharmaceuticals may extract useful medicine from herbal drug sources, but the use of these drugs is just another road to addiction.  Individual’s   Addiction starts somewhere and habituating something one views as innocuous,  is a beginning.   This website is about lighting a fire under positive action away from an addictive society and the counter productive policies that keep Americans hooked.   Topic provided by Mary