South Florida has achieved a reputation of becoming a haven for pill farms and the proliferation of illegal pain medication.  Pressure to enact new laws has finally led to monitoring and limitation of prescriptions, which dampened the availability of addictive drugs from Florida pill mills.    October 1st, 2010, was a milestone as some pain clinics simply closed, leaving addicts looking for other sources. A lot of people were panicking… I was getting a lot of calls from people trying to figure out how to stay alive,” said Bernard Cassidy, a Fort Lauderdale attorney who represents pain clinics. Some pill mill operators were charged with illegal dispensing of pain medication.  There are thousands of Americans still  addicted to pain medication, affecting women, the elderly and teens.   Teens are especially vulnerable as Mary Bono Mack talks about the issue, using her son as an example.  Women are another vulnerable group as explained in Women and Prescription Drug Addiction. Prescription drug addiction is a growing American problem.  Links by JJ