As Christmas is upon us, viewership is up.  So isn’t the  struggle for addicts, alcoholics and their families to get through the holidays.  People who have seen the worst and best of themselves and their loved ones,  still care to make a difference in the world of addiction and recovery.  They share what they see here and elsewhere.  There are those who want to see a loved one survive.  There are those who want to know their own freedom from addiction.  There are those who want the world to be free.  That freedom is possible.

Keep sharing and logging on to  Spread the word.  The point is to move consciousness in America from one of  prejudice towards addiction and alcoholism to that of understanding.  Addiction is a deadly disease that needs a real solution.  Some people who log on to this blog have lost a loved one to drugs or alcohol in body or spirit.  Somehow, they are able to keep putting out a positive message that may move another person away from what they have witnessed.  Recovery is possible.  Never give up.  Have a merry Christmas and a free and happy new year in 2012!