Bon Jovi is a gifted musician with a big heart.  He and Iranian superstar Andy Madadian recorded a stunning re-master of the hit song “Stand by Me”.  It must be exactly what he is saying to his 19 year only daughter who survived a heroin overdose.   He has certainly felt an immensity of fear that only the near loss of a child can create.   My heart goes out to him and his family.   Read how the world of drugs and addiction has now touched his world in a significant way as reported by the Atlanta Black Star, Wed., 11/14/12.  Bon Jovi’s Daughter Arrested on Drug Charges after Overdose.  This event shows one more time how painfully we are all impacted by scourge of drug use and addiction however we walk our lives.   Stephanie Bongiovi is alive and well to face the consequences of a near death experience.  Many of our children have not been so fortunate and my heart goes out even farther for this continuing tragedy.  The issues of drug addiction are wide spread.  Events like this serve as a call to action, highlighting the pervasiveness of drug addiction in America.