Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 11.15.41 PMTeenagers abusing drugs is often the beginning of a dangerous road.  Kids with conflicts often become teenagers with drug problems, consequently becoming adults with serious addictions.  Many of the conflicts that plague young people and lead to substance abuse are hard to handle at home.   According to Mathew Kyle,  home may not be enough to avert bigger problems in a teens immediate future if not dealt with in a timely manner.  Mathew  works with the Family Compass, a website committed to early conflicts in teen life.  Mathew touches on this topic in the article below:

When Home Is Not EnoughBoarding School Help For Teenage Substance Abusers.  Many of us have the idea that all you have to do is just quit drugs and/or alcohol.  Adults find it very difficult.  How much more difficult is it for a teenager?  To coin a phrase from Nike, “just do it,” is much easier said than done. In order for most teens to quit, they need help. Most parents want to do the best thing possible for their children. Some parents believe a teenager can get all the support they need at home to kick those ugly and destructive habits.  These habits sometimes combine both drugs and alcohol.  There are options when home is not enough.  When home is not enough to help your teenager, look into the boarding school choices that will help see your family through this time of crisis.  In addition, crisis is exactly the term needed to describe this downward spiral to self-destruction. Boarding school fills the following needs…Read the rest of Mathew’s article  by clicking here