Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 9.48.34 PMMatthew Sockolov’s blog,  The Easier Softer Way appears in the side bar of  It’s a spiritually based personal recovery blog worth a look.  Its inspiring to see a young man sharing his recovery.  He posted his thoughts on his own fourth step in:  CourageClick on the link to view.   It is the meat of the 12 step program.  This is where an addict shares a fearless moral inventory with another human being.  Spiritual practices describe the process of  vocalizing one’s defects of character as a door to let go these soulful burdens.  The 12 step process can do anyone, in or out of the program a lot of good.  Many spiritual practices & religions use a version of the fourth step.  Catholics for instance “confess” their character defects (sins) to another person.  This process is fundamentally key to releasing the human flaws that fuel addiction to dangerous drugs and alcohol. Link by Matthew