Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 10.41.03 PMWhen I think of out spoken anti drug war activist,  Charmie Gholson, I think of a group of Mom’s from Southern California, a fountainhead of activists who have reintroduced a vintage term very few of us remember, prohibition.  Moms United is bringing to light the impact of today’s prohibition on drug use and why the war on drugs has to end.  To make it clear, today’s prohibition is the drug war.  What President Nixon signed into law in 1971 turned out to be a war on our own people.   Charmie is a Michigan activist.  She founded Michigan Moms United to End the War of Drugs.  Mother’s Day is a big day for Moms United and last mother’s day Charmie wrote this:   What I want for Mother’s Day: Stop Stealing our Sex Toys and go get Rapists.