Your valuable posts and personal comments make this happen. is a not for profit outreaching online web blog committed to linking resources and education to addicts and the families and communities impacted by them.  The blog highlights relevant information and discussions about addiction and a endemic system that can not  deal with it effectively.  The blog seeks to create bridges that connect knowledge  to need,  inspiration to suffering, and  vision to hostility.  This web blog is inspired by friends and family who have struggled with substance abuse and depression, often alone.

Professionally I’m an architect with a 32 year career which I continue to enjoy.  Today,  another passion I have is creating this venue  for linking experience and wisdom with the impact of addiction and the world it has created.  I have seen enough and did something about it.  Out of frustration came in the 2009.  It’s genesis is a Tucson dad who saw a burning passion to say something; a passion shared with  dads, moms, cousins, friends, brothers, sisters, and communities who would like to make a positive difference to the world of addiction.  The outreach of this project includes the addicts out there, recovery communities, medical institutions and the judicial system that struggles with definitions of right and wrong.

My intent is to direct information to those who can use it and highlight the efforts of those on fire to find a solution to the disease of addiction in an often hostile environment.  The complexity and importance of this issue is continually featured throughout the blog.  People who connect with are those who touch, move and inspire others.  Some will go on to positively impact the reality of addiction, alcoholism, multiple diagnosis, incarceration and recovery.

The success of this outreach will make a difference to inspire a compassionate attitude to recovery and reduce the criminalization of human beings in America.  As a community, we can bear attention to the most denied of diseases in medical history; addiction.   We can transform the perception of the suffering addict from a bad person to one in need of a solution and ultimate redemption.  This vision begins to build a national community calling for an attitude of  compassion and recovery to deal with addiction in a humane context rather than in back alleys, prisons, hospitals and morgues.