Sad fact!  Suboxone is addictive and has withdrawal symptoms.  Quick detox programs like the Waismann Method and  Rapid Anesthesia Detox are out of reach financially for most addicts.  A more methodical approach of quitting suboxone is unfolding from the experience of many.  You won’t find anything good said about this wonder drug in a quick detox website, either.  The Suboxone Talk Zone is probably the most useful resource for describing suboxone and just how slow and deliberate suboxone tapering has to be when one is ready to quit.  Best to read the link. The alternative of  serious addicts remaining on their opiate of choice is far more devastating.  Suboxone is paradoxically a necessary evil and a wonder drug.  When managed, it can transform an addict into a contributing member of society, releasing the deadly impact that opiate addiction has on the addict, their families and communities.