Better put, Opiate Addiction is often treated with opiate based methadone and suboxone.  Now America is looking at treating heroin addiction with pure heroin.  This works elsewhere and takes the air out of the sails of the heroin cartels.  Opiate addiction often starts in the medicine cabinetWorldwide, the use of heroin is growing.  Braving the most brutal of withdrawals, opiate addicts will most likely give in to an equally powerful and enduring psychological craving if they are lucky enough to survive having their guts turned inside out for a week or more.  Quitting opiates is at the very least, difficult and destructive to families and communities.  Sooner or later, many addicts try and substitute their addiction to street heroin with illegal pills, alcohol or legally prescribed drug replacement therapy.  Here are some recent links:  • Time Magazine •  CNN HealthReuters • The New York Times • ABC News •  Links by Drew