Veterans: Drug Addiction and Treatment.  The Veterans Administration for many of its faults is the best model we have for public health care and taking care of millions of soldiers, yet their policy for drug and alcohol treatment is under scrutiny in this recent 11/04/09  research brief  called:  Healing a Broken System: Veterans Battling Addiction and Incarceration.  The focus is on opiate addiction and  point is that adequate and effective opiate recovery is elusive for veterans.  The outcome for these addicts  is too often; still jail.  The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) also supports many of the  points made in this paper.  Heroin was a scourge for veterans coming back from Vietnam.  See Eddie Grijalva’s story.  Today, Opiates have made a big comeback, largely encouraged by the rampant mis-use of opiate based prescription drugs.