Mexico’s Drug War? or America’s drug war?  Earlier this year, Anderson Cooper did this CBS 60 Minutes piece that is worth re-visiting.  It hammers on just how critical this issue has become.  Tucson, Arizona’s  Charles Bowden spoke in a video production back in September called Mexico’s Dirty War Against Drugs, in which he claims that from the drug cartel’s  point of view, drugs are the largest industry in Mexico.  The point is that this.  The drug war for all the rhetoric it produces from both side of the prohibition and anti-prohibition debate;  is a real issue with real consequences that keep America from standing up to drug addiction.  Americans are the  deer in the headlights of Mexico’s drug war.   As the old saying goes.  You can’t fix anything unless you know what’s broken.  Addiction is ugly and so is market that satisfies its craving, not the least the low level lust Americans have for alcohol and drugs in general from  prescription pain killers to pot.    Links provided by B. Ford and M. Slivinski.