Dr. Drew Pinsky has earned  somewhat of a reputation to speak out on treatment, enabling, etc.   Back in 2004, in fact, he wrote an excellent book on the subject.  This past week however,  Dr. Drew caught flack in publicly proclaiming that Lindsy Lohan’s parent’s need to go to the wall in:  If I Were Lindsay Lohan’s Father I Would Go to Any Lengths to Get Her Into Treatment. You may recall the recent tragic loss of Casey Johnson and Corey Haim. They were both peer celebrities who had illegal prescriptions at their fingertips and may be alive today, had intervention took place.  In context to the Dr. Drew piece, “any lengths” really implied having your addict jailed, even if one had to illegally plant drugs on them.   Addicts do have rights and a  big decision to make.  Recovered addicts with previous jail experience have sometimes referred to jail as a “rescue”.   It is not always the worst thing that can happen to your addict.  However, a celebrity’s jail experience is not the same as that of a run of the mill addict.  Many jail guards hate addicts not to mention effective treatment in jail is still  rare.  That’s another topic, but Dr. Drew may do all of us more of a favor to go back to the roots of his solid base of knowledge and advocacy for the problem.  There he can really impact America’s issue with drug abuse and addiction in an effective manner, now that he has your attention.   His focus these days is on celebrities and funky radio shows like  Loveline and the content of his input on the subject has to be taken in that context.  What do you think?  Dr. Drew Link by Valerie Allen Public Relations