Decriminalization is the main point of this Guardian piece:  War on Drugs:  Bring Out The Peace Pipe.   As the so call drug war wages war on  humanity in industrialized countries it is literally tearing the hearts out of third world nations like Mexico.  In the Mexico Drug War: The New Killing Fields, Rory Carroll puts it to words while you can see a bit of the daily activities of Mexico’s drug war foot troopers in Mexico’s Struggle to Win “War” on Drugs.  The “drug war” means somewhat different things to different people depending on whether its pork for the DEA, political ammo for medical marijuana pharmacies,  survival for those in the cross fire or heroin for an addict.  One thing is certain, we are not winning this war.  The definition of winning is a huge road block that has to be resolved.  We need to talk about what winning is.  Links by Mary.