Judge Gray is a maverick in the world of drug policy and prohibition reform.  Is this what America needs?  Is the cost to fight the flow of drugs into America and eradicate all drug use just too much?  What do you think?  Judge Jim Gray is a man on a mission.  Here are just a few quotes off his website;  JUDGE JIM GRAY“…At one point, I held the record for the largest drug prosecution in the Los Angeles area: 75 kilos of heroin, which was and is a lot of narcotics…”  “…if we really want to deal a major blow to bin Laden and other terrorists around the world, we should repeal drug prohibition..”   “…Without making allowances for any of these distinctions, we have attempted to incarcerate our way out of our drug-use problems…”  “…That reminds me of the old saying, “If all you have is a hammer, everything you see looks like a nail….”  “…Forget “zero tolerance” and recognize that for a tiny percentage of the population, drug use will persist…”   “…The United States is now building a new prison every week to cope with the people serving mandatory minimum sentences for drug possession…”   “…Today there are literally thousands of people in our state prisons because they did nothing but smoke marijuana…” You can also see hear some of his latest thoughts on the May 16th show archive from Coast to Coast. Always interested in all of your opinions.  Fire up the debate!  Lets get some work done!