President Obama may not be  all the way on board with a full blown revamping of criminal justice system as it relates to drug related incarceration and treatment, but his administration is moving towards removing some obvious inequities in drug law.  In an article written by the Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, Nadelmann outlines these points in Obama Takes a Crack at Drug Policy Reform.  If you want a detailed look at the subject, goes even deeper in its website page that explores many inequities in criminal justice and drug related  sentencing.   Nadelmann’s doesn’t say much about the most critical work underway and that is the larger issue of criminal justice reform  relating to drug addiction and mental illness.  That forces the issue of how to deal with addicts when you stop tossing them in jail for what is often, drug related anyways.  It would truly be in the interest of all American’s if Obama was on fire for this more significant effort of  Senator Jim’s Webb’s Criminal Justice Commission. If that work bears fruit,  American’s will  feel a big difference in moving towards a more compassionate approach to drug and alcohol addiction.  That goes quite a bit beyond just being able to stroll down the street with a legal marijuana cigarette.  Links by Mary.