America’s politicians and legislators are painfully silent about an epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction that continues to sweep mainstream  USA.  As the political drone continues on the subject of the drug war, crime and immigration we ignore the fundamental demand of drugs flooding into this country.  Jamie lee Curtis discusses her own addiction in  King of Pain.   Ted Koppel finds himself mourning the loss of his son to addiction.  Michael Douglas talks about his son’s drug dealing.   Joseph Califano, an expert on addiction talks of rising demand in We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us.  Demand is up and options for recovery are elusive with out deep financial pockets.  In Florida, oxycodone alone killed almost 1200 persons in 09.   In fact, more than 20,000 persons die from drug overdose each year in America.    The point is that addiction touches too many Americans to remain silent about it.   Politicians need to talk about treatment and recovery options available to all Americans on demand.  Politicians need to see the drug war in real terms with solutions coming from reducing demand and treating addicts; not ostracizing them.