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A few weeks ago this website posted a some alarming news of black tar moving into the heart of America in a piece called.  A Deadly Market:  Black Tar in Middle America As the Associate Press reported a similar warning in Deadly, ultra-pure heroin arrives in US, we are reminded that heroin epidemic hasn’t  gone away.   As the cost of pills rises and new laws limit illegal prescriptions, the use of street heroin is growing.  It is claiming the lives of over 3,000 users each year.  Websites, such as Drug Action Network seek to reduce the carnage.   Individual’s like Jim Gray seek to reform our laws making easier to treat addicts through our legal system.   Law-makers like Senator Jim Webb seeks to  overhaul the entire criminal justice system in the same vain.  We can do this.  We have to run drug cartels out of business and seize opportunities to treat addiction in a big way.  Links by Mary S.

Methadone maintenance can also be an addiction and poses a long term problem for addicts seeking end their addiction if used incorrectly and abused.   Here is a look into the lives of a couple of stubborn hardcore Philadelphia junkies, abusing methadone.  Jeff Deeney, a Philadelphia social worker writes about two drug addicts in the context of considering heroin maintenance in a piece call Get Me My Legal Heroin.  Regarding the abuse or proper use of methadone, another link to an article called, Do Methadone Prescriptions Do More Harm Than Help sheds some light on the complexity of addicts and methadone maintenance.  You be the judge.  Heroin addiction is not the only drug issue out there, but it has managed to trap many of out family members in life of torment.  Methadone hasn’t always helped much either.   How do we stop this madness? What does our government need to do to really help get under drug addiction in America?  links by Mary S.

If our celebrities are any indication, look out.  Most don’t know that the opiate drugs,  heroin and oxycontin are virtually identical and that opiates are being abused in the form of more than two dozen other prescription opiate  in America.  Rush Limbaugh Michael Jackson ♦  DJ AM ♦   Heath Ledger are just the lastest recent heavy hitting opiate addicts that have fallen victim.  Limbaugh is still with us showing that addiction  can hit every corner of society.

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