A few weeks ago this website posted a some alarming news of black tar moving into the heart of America in a piece called.  A Deadly Market:  Black Tar in Middle America As the Associate Press reported a similar warning in Deadly, ultra-pure heroin arrives in US, we are reminded that heroin epidemic hasn’t  gone away.   As the cost of pills rises and new laws limit illegal prescriptions, the use of street heroin is growing.  It is claiming the lives of over 3,000 users each year.  Websites, such as Drug Action Network seek to reduce the carnage.   Individual’s like Jim Gray seek to reform our laws making easier to treat addicts through our legal system.   Law-makers like Senator Jim Webb seeks to  overhaul the entire criminal justice system in the same vain.  We can do this.  We have to run drug cartels out of business and seize opportunities to treat addiction in a big way.  Links by Mary S.