If you  watched the 2010 world series, you may have noticed Texas Rangers Phenom Josh Hamilton who led his team to the big October showdown in the baseball world.  He has a batting average of .352 and hit 32 home-runs in 2010.  What makes this a bigger story is Josh’s journey from drug addiction to baseball stardom.  The blog “Man of Depravity” published Josh Hamilton’s story in a short bio and video you should view called Heroin to Home Runs; The Story of Josh Hamilton. Hamilton pulled no punches in laying it down to a higher power the same way he pulls no punches when he crushes a baseball.  He puts out a message to all other addicts; recovery is a possibility.  Every day is an another opportunity to stay sober.  One day at a time.  Josh has been sober since 2005 and knows intimately that successful sobriety requires daily vigilance as he follows his path of freedom from  addiction.    Link by Big Rod