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St. Francis Mission Recovery Programs…Can you imagine driving more than 90 miles to get to your weekly meeting?  What if you wanted to go to more than one a week but couldn’t because it was either too far away or you didn’t have adequate transportation? What would you do, and more importantly, who would you turn to?  These issues, sadly, are run of the mill problems for those recovering from alcoholism and addiction on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  The reservation is home to the Lakota (Sioux Indian) people, many of whom suffer from the problems mentioned above.  Two recovery centers – the Icimani Ya Waste Recovery Center and White River Recovery Center – are working to help those who suffer from addiction on the Rosebud Reservation.  The centers are run by members of the Lakota tribe / the St. Francis Mission (link:  They help coordinate 12 step meetings for those in need, provide space for those meetings to take place, give referrals to treatment centers and support for the families of those suffering from addiction.  In talking to the coordinators to the two recovery centers, it is clear that the need for recover is strong on the reservation.  Jim Stands, director of the White River Recovery Center, states, the people on the Reservation are affected by the disease of addiction.  Whole families – from great grandchildren to great grandparents – are affected, and in turn, addiction affected the community and the whole Lakota nation (called the oyate).  When an individual wants to overcome their addiction, they face challenges that are above and beyond what someone who lives off a Reservation might face.  One of the open AA groups that meets on Wednesdays at the White River Recovery Center is called the “Out of Towners” meeting for a reason.  Many of the individuals who attend this group live far away from where the meeting is held, but make the long drive every week to support each other in sobriety.  The St. Francis Mission and the Recovery Centers have partnered with the Betty Ford Institute to provide educational programing to address the effects addiction has on the family.  Participants of the Betty Ford Family Program learn to set boundaries, control codependency issues, and communication skills so they can express emotions and feelings in a healthy constructive way.  The recovery programs combine Lakota traditions with more traditional recovery content.   by Corrie Oberdin

Portugal’s Drug Policies pay off, US eyes lessons.   12/26/2010

Drugs in Portugal are still illegal. But here’s what Portugal did: It changed the law so that users are sent to counseling and sometimes treatment instead of criminal courts and prison. The switch from drugs as a criminal issue to a public health one was aimed at preventing users from going underground.  Portugal with an estimated 100,000 people — an astonishing 1 percent of its population — were addicted to illegal drugs. So, like anyone with little to lose, the Portuguese took a risky leap: They decriminalized the use of all drugs in a groundbreaking law in 2000.  Now, the United States, which has waged a 40-year, $1 trillion war on drugs, is looking for answers in tiny Portugal, which is reaping the benefits of what once looked like a dangerous gamble. White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske visited Portugal in September to learn about its drug reforms, and other countries — including Norway, Denmark, Australia and Peru — have taken interest, too.  Post by Mary.

Attention to all mothers of loved ones afflicted with addiction to prescription pain killers or heroin.   Tom at Recovery Helpdesk is asking you to answer 5 questions.  PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Florida’s treasure coast is a stretch of pacific beach from Sebastian to Palm Beach.  Tragic drug overdoses there, are not uncommon.  With little help from the state,  The St. Lucie Sheriff’s Department took  action following the loss of Jaclyn Kinkade, a local beauty, who found herself hooked on prescription  pain killers.   2010 treasure coast overdoses were recorded at 91.  In fact, all of Florida recorded  1270 overdose deaths in the fist half of 2010.   That’s 7 deaths per day.  What makes this alarming, is that, this is prescription drugs we are talking about.  In 2009, prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) was passed in Florida and it is on the chopping block.  The Florida Pain Clinic Society supports monitoring, however,  the  “less government is more” crowd led by Governor Scott’s opposition want to get rid of it.    42 other states have PDMP and States in the Southeast U.S. are frustrated with Florida’s position as the America’s biggest illegal prescription drug source.  links by JJ

Counting Days

Elizabeth has a blog called Counting Days.  It’s a personal account of her recovery, actually counting each day with a blog.   That’s what its about.  One day at a time.

Happy New Years!  Drive sober; everybody hurts when we don’t

Forwarded,  courtesy of Chaplain Joe Herzanek,  Changing Lives Foundation

For millions of Americans, substance use progresses to a point where brief interventions are not sufficient to promote recovery Addiction treatment can be a critical—even lifesaving—resource in such situations, but only if it is readily available and of high quality.  Making recovery possible is, therefore, key to effective drug control, and the Obama Administration’s Strategy focuses on:  1)  Expanding addiction treatment in community health centers and within the Indian Health Service,  2)  Supporting the development of new medications to treat addiction and implementation of medication-assisted treatment protocols and 3)  The importance of domestic law enforcement, border control, and international cooperation.  DOWNLOAD THE STRATEGY STATEMENT IN PDF

Lets hope it does all of that.  The Obama administration has been talking about addiction in the context of being a medical problem which is a key definition.  Once that understanding makes it mainstream, we can expect to end some of the incredible gut wrenching madness that families endure simply to save their loved ones from a fate worse that most can imagine.  Check out Julia Negron’s poignant comment on the subject in Mom’s United…

Regarding the demoralizing “drug war”,  leaders from Mexico, Brazil and Columbia have endorsed the Vienna Declaration which lists a range of harms stemming from the war on drugs, and notes that the criminalization of people who use drugs has resulted in record high incarceration rates, thereby placing a massive burden on taxpayers.  The Vienna Declaration calls on governments and international organizations, including the United Nations, to take a number of steps, 2 of which are:  1)  Endorsing and scaling up funding for the drug treatment and harm reduction measures endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations  and 2)  scaling up evidence-based drug dependence treatment options.  Links by Mary S.

On July 13th 2009, was born.  We are quickly moving towards 15,000 views in just over one year.   Not bad for a busy dad  fed up with the whole reality of drug addiction and the impact it has had on my family and friends.  I think one reason so many Americans are blind to the horrendous impact of addiction is partly the same reason folks are blind to many other big problems.  Americans are just burnt out with the magnitude of it all.  I will never say we don’t care.  Like any burning issue,  it is the flame of caring and wanting to make a difference that keeps people listening and transforming indifference into compassion.   One day the disease of addiction will be rightly recognized as a legitimate medical condition along with all of its parallel indications of mental anguish.  Many addicts are afflicted with  bi-polar, depression, anxiety dis-order and other conditions that are  very under diagnosed.  The tools and minds are there.  Once the American body follows, we will have it licked.  Keep listening. Keep talking.   Stay on fire.


Experts Struggle to Determine Overdose Deaths. “Overdoses from prescription drugs  have sometimes led to civil or criminal charges against prescribing physicians, but even toxicologists have problems distinguishing between overdose deaths from other causes, Time Magazine reported June 16.  The result is that the courts, not heath officials, are often left to determine drug users’ cause of death.  Complicating factors include use of alcohol or other drugs in combination of prescription medications and underlying health conditions…” Read on in Time Magazine. links and quotes by Gretchen

Dadonfire is on  The Partnership for a Drug Free America.  The first piece is now featured on their outreach blog:  INTERVENE.  We may not eliminate drug addiction in America; but we can cut it half, saving billions.  Loved ones of addicts can start taking back their lives while putting their best foot forward by taking a stand.   The  Partnership reaches out to families impacted by the addiction of teens and young adults with prevention, education and treatment programs.  The parents resource center is one of PDFA’s education sites that is rich with information like:  talking to kidsalcoholism in the familythe hows and whys of kids and drugs.   Links courtesy of Mary S.

A New PATH brings moms and addiction treatment advocates together.  On Wednesday, April 28th, 6pm to 7:30pm at  220 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA.,  there is a rally and vigil to bring focus to the failed war on drugs and the destructive results of drug prohibition.  If you live in  Southern California, show your support.  Download the PDF flier Moms Unite to End the War on Drugs

Inspiration for Recovery is new Blog with great articles, books, and inspiration!; to further your healing and recovery from life’s traumas, passages, and addictions.  Barbara Sinor is the author of five books.  She is a  Psycho-spiritual Therapist with a background in metaphysics.  Be a  fellow adventurer on the journey toward  peace and compassion.  Visit  Inspiration For Recovery

In 2010 A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing is launching a campaign to stop the violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths resulting from a failed war on drugs. We will be partnering with ParentsACT and Drug Policy Alliance, and linking organizations and individuals from San Diego to Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Sacramento in a massive collaborative effort to change our current policies of arrest and imprisonment to therapeutic strategies and regulation. Mothers are again uniting and leading the charge to end drug prohibition, just as they did with alcohol prohibition in the 1930’s. We must stop the pointless and punitive incarceration of drug users, and end the needless deaths created by the illegal drug trade.   The campaign will start with a rally/vigil in San Diego in April and move up the State of California with events in key cities, and building to a rally in Sacramento in October 2010. To join the campaign, contact us at: or 619-670-1184 –  Thanks!  Gretchen

April 2010 marks the anniversary of 11 years of A New PATH’s advocacy work for therapeutic drug policies. This event will launch a campaign to stop the violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths resulting from our current punitive and discriminatory drug policies. A New PATH! is partnering with other organizations such as Families ACT! and Broken No More!, as well as individuals from various areas of California in a massive collaborative effort to change our current policies of arrest and imprisonment to therapeutic strategies and regulation. Mothers are leading the charge to stop the pointless and punitive incarceration of drug users, and end the needless deaths created by the illegal drug trade.  Bring signs and pictures of your loved ones whose lives have been damaged by the War on Drugs.  Join us in demonstrating for change.  For more information, please contact us at: or 619-670-1184.

Dadonfire  interview, PRE-RECORDED!– AVAILABLE for (1) week following Wednesday, Mar. 31st, on  It is then archived on their website.  Log in and listen.   Topics include the background of the website, the elusiveness of sobriety, reaching the un-reachable, collateral damage to family and the bigger picture.  Check it out. hits a milestone 10,000 mark in viewership today, thanks to you!

Since July of 2009, this website blog has had one purpose as a community service:  education and solutions in the world of addiction and recovery.      Thanks for viewing the site and spreading the message, exposing the issues and sharing your stories and possibilities.  Recovery is possible.

Victory Recovery! ♦  Every Thursday @ 2561 W. Ruthrauff Road in Tucson,  a suffering addict can show up for dinner @ 6:15 PM followed by a large group meeting @ 7PM and  by a 12 step or focused group meeting from 8Pm to 9Pm. Childcare avail.  The evenings final focus of work is outlined in their focus program

The Media Awareness Project –  Drug News Archives link by Mary S.

New TV show  on addiction

Premieres March 17 @10/9c.  Its called Addicted. link contribution by Mary S.

More than $1.1 Million in Grants Available for Community-Based Drug Prevention Coalitions

2010 Blending Conference

Albuquerque, NM, April 22 – 23; blending addiction science and treatment.

Psych Central is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network.  It made Time Magazine’s top 50 websites.  It is run by MH professionals, offering sound information and over 150 support groups to nearly 1 million people around the world every month.  You can find information on dual diagnosis, addictions, depression and subjects like suicide which like a tragic drug overdose death can leave loved ones stunned and feeling blame  ♦  e-How site offers info on addiction and related topics, including a video library. Links by Mary S.

Tales of Addiction

“Once in a blue moon, I read a book that culminates in a poignancy by sharing a powerful experience. Tales of Addiction is one such book:  Here is a story and message amidst all of our stories; here is hope set against great challenges in the world of addiction and recovery; here is a legacy of understanding. Tales of Addiction is not just a collection of deep insight and personal accounts of tearful relapse and recovery, it is craftsmanship. Author, Barbara Sinor is a well read specialist in a world coming to grips with the disease of addiction. She offers her own valuable background of relatedness and heartened familiarity.  Artfully sharing all of this is the book’s strength.  Like a tapestry, it works by holding the reader’s interest with unique tales smoothly interwoven with both a spiritual and intellectual thought process. Sinor progressively weaves the details of her life and practical wisdom in-and-out of the book’s logical succession and its acumen of the disease of addiction. The reader feels her deep and intelligent reflection accompanying each precious contribution of struggle and uncertain recovery. Some make it; others may not, you begin to know this. You feel your own relatedness and in the last chapters, the reader enters the author’s space hearing the breaking news of a sudden culmination of one very special story and a legacy that lives on in her. Sinor’s book pushes forward with exigency and hope.

Tales of Addiction resonates a message to all impacted by the world of drugs and alcohol:  It is a world of possibility and joy; it is a world of shocking sadness; it is a world of conquest. One poignant message from the book is that no matter what, a single addict’s life is still sacred and knowing this captures a moment in time. Sinor invites the reader to share in her well of knowledge, reputation and work in the field of addiction and recovery. She expresses touching wisdom gained from her own life experience while delivering generous individual contributions written by people like you and I. Tales of Addiction instills there is no right or wrong; there is the possibility of helping just one more person; there is the possibility of coming to terms with this single moment, just for today.”     Bill Ford,

Tales of Addiction “…gut-wrenching yet heart-warming narratives by people with long-standing addiction issues. Weaving the unedited stories into a theme of upliftment and hope are Dr. Sinor’s astute commentaries and observations….riveting…”  Your can read the rest of her comments on this book scheduled to be published in 12 weeks from now on Dr. Sinor’s Blog and in this download PDF review

Addiction, Whats really Going On Many know the insanity of the addiction.  This book published in 2009 looks inside a heroin treatment program.  It addresses the important questions.  …”It helps us understand the need for a “wake-up” call regarding drug and alcohol use … It declares a passion for client advocacy and discovering ways to deal with those addicted … It brings the reality of addiction out-of-the-closet….  Read it.

Informative  global website on subjects including drugs   →  LOVE TO KNOW DEA traveling  exhibit, your tax dollars at work →   TARGET AMERICA

Veterans: Drug Addiction and Treatment.  The Veterans Administration for many of its faults is the best model we have for public health care and taking care of millions of soldiers, yet their policy for drug and alcohol treatment is under scrutiny in this recent 11/04/09  research brief  called:  Healing a Broken System: Veterans Battling Addiction and Incarceration.  The focus is on opiate addiction and  point is that adequate and effective opiate recovery is elusive for veterans.  The outcome for these addicts  is too often; still jail.  The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) also supports many of the  points made in this paper.  Heroin was a scourge for veterans coming back from Vietnam.  See Eddie Grijalva’s story.  Today, Opiates have made a big comeback, largely encouraged by the rampant mis-use of opiate based prescription drugs.

Prescription Addiction Radio is a website that hammers on what high percentage of opiate addiction really stems from.  That is prescription pain medication grossly over-marketed and abused in America, impacting people in all walks of life.  I won’t describe the reasons for saying this, because this website does it very well.  I am, however, amazed after listening to the audio files that it contains.  It is a real ear opener and well worth anyone’s time who is interested in understanding why America is impacted so heavily by addiction.  You can also view a nationwide online petition to ban oxycontin in this link.

…”Bill Ford started the blog Dad on Fire in July, feeling empowered after taking a leadership class with Landmark Forum in Phoenix. At the time, Ford was embarking on a new relationship with his 22-year-old son, a recovering heroin addict. The Tucson architect wants to create a resource and forum for others to learn more about drug addiction—and to perhaps create more compassion in society for addicts and their families”…   Check out the article in the TUCSON WEEKLY, written by Mari Herreras.

International Drug Policy Reform Conference, 11/12/09, Albuquerque, NM – link provided by JJ Moates

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