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On July 13th 2009, was born.  We are quickly moving towards 15,000 views in just over one year.   Not bad for a busy dad  fed up with the whole reality of drug addiction and the impact it has had on my family and friends.  I think one reason so many Americans are blind to the horrendous impact of addiction is partly the same reason folks are blind to many other big problems.  Americans are just burnt out with the magnitude of it all.  I will never say we don’t care.  Like any burning issue,  it is the flame of caring and wanting to make a difference that keeps people listening and transforming indifference into compassion.   One day the disease of addiction will be rightly recognized as a legitimate medical condition along with all of its parallel indications of mental anguish.  Many addicts are afflicted with  bi-polar, depression, anxiety dis-order and other conditions that are  very under diagnosed.  The tools and minds are there.  Once the American body follows, we will have it licked.  Keep listening. Keep talking.   Stay on fire.

“…Ibogaine, a brown powder derived from the African Tabernathe iboga plant, has intrigued researchers since 1962, when Howard Lotsof, a student at New York University and an opiate addict, found that a single dose erased his drug cravings without causing any withdrawal symptoms…”  That is the claim and as evidence shows; it works; just not in the U.S.  yet, at least legally.  A drug addict can get legal Ibogaine treatment in Mexico.  The Villa Serena Medical Center and the Ensenada Ibogaine Program both offer treatment  in Mexico.  Here’s some links to learn more.   Fighting Drugs With Drugs…explores resistance in the U.S. to Ibogaine . is an informative link base in the UK.  Lastly, the Brooklyn based website; The Ibogaine Dossier is one other cyber site to look at.  links by Jon R.

Here is an opportunity to hear the author of  Tales of Addiction and four other books on addiction and healing speak about her experiences.  Barbara Sinor chronicles the stories of addicts in Tales of Addiction including her own experience of losing a son to alcoholism. Listen to Barabara speak about her personal struggles as she shares the lessons she has learned from her own family and work in healing others.  Link by Barbara Sinor

Harm reduction is the latest buzz work in the treatment industry, drawing both praise and controversy.  Politically and socially, the concept of harm reduction draws fire from Darwinist conservative thinking which  shadows America’s judicial system and drug laws.  America’s need for toughness in this respect,  demands that addicts face the attrition of success or failure.  Failure equates to jails or death.   The other side of this is really the recognition of addiction as a disease.  Partly as a result of  scarce availability of treatment and recovery, compassionate liberal American’s have recently sought to reduce harm to addicts through the acceptance of the disease and by minimizing the hazards present on the streets.  Dr. Andrew Tatarsky has become a lead source in providing information on harm reduction.  His website page, Harm Reduction News is a great place to stay on top of what is going on in the world regarding harm reduction. wants to stop  the spread of HIV by reducing street based heroin use.  Click on the image above to view a PDF comic book fact sheet.

Meet The Five Moms, featured on the website;  Stop Medicine Abuse.  These moms have a message for any parent who might be in denial about their kids playing to close the edge of that slippery slope of drug abuse.   Chances are, if your kid is seeking out a high at age 13, 14 or 15; the writing is on the wall and you better get on it quick.  Dr. Drew Pinsky talks about one early warning sign; the use of DXM found in off the counter cough medicine.   Now they want to thank you.   Links by Dave Levy

Dadonfire is on  The Partnership for a Drug Free America.  The first piece is now featured on their outreach blog:  INTERVENE.  We may not eliminate drug addiction in America; but we can cut it half, saving billions.  Loved ones of addicts can start taking back their lives while putting their best foot forward by taking a stand.   The  Partnership reaches out to families impacted by the addiction of teens and young adults with prevention, education and treatment programs.  The parents resource center is one of PDFA’s education sites that is rich with information like:  talking to kidsalcoholism in the familythe hows and whys of kids and drugs.   Links courtesy of Mary S.

Barbara Sinor asks America to wake up to the reality of addiction.  She lost a son to this disease and is talking and writing about it in her newest book;  Tales of Addiction.  She talks about you…about us.   Dr. Sinor also has written a piece in a Southern California newspaper called California TogetherDownload the PDF file and check it out.  She is asking America to “wake up”  What can we do to make an impact.  Links by Dr. Barbara Sinor, PhD

For those who have not seen The Oxycontin Express, click on the link to view.

Diabetes and Drugs This is definitely a subject worth further research.  It’s surprising that little is really known about how a diabetic really fares after prolonged opiate or amphetamine use.  It is more clear with alcohol.  We know it is a deadly mix.  Legal and Illegal Drugs: What Every Person With Diabetes Should Know Before They Party is a piece from Diabetes Health Magazine that offers some street smarts on diabetes and drugs.  One thing for sure the resulting impact on a diabetics body and the costs to society that follow the erratic behavior of a diabetic addict is profoundly negative. Consider this personal witness  in the piece:  Just One Addict!  Breaking the Back of a Los Angeles Budget.  Clearly half of these costs stem from an acute diabetic complication call DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis.   A diabetic addict easily can succumb to DKA from neglecting insulin intake which is common among addicts.  A  famous diabetic heiress with drug problem, Casey Johnson, recently died from what was thought to be drug related.  Now it is known she died as a result of DKA.   Diabetes and drugs, despite how much science knows or doesn’t know is simply a bad combination.  Links by Mary S.

April 2010 marks the anniversary of 11 years of A New PATH’s advocacy work for therapeutic drug policies. This event will launch a campaign to stop the violence, mass incarceration and overdose deaths resulting from our current punitive and discriminatory drug policies. A New PATH! is partnering with other organizations such as Families ACT! and Broken No More!, as well as individuals from various areas of California in a massive collaborative effort to change our current policies of arrest and imprisonment to therapeutic strategies and regulation. Mothers are leading the charge to stop the pointless and punitive incarceration of drug users, and end the needless deaths created by the illegal drug trade.  Bring signs and pictures of your loved ones whose lives have been damaged by the War on Drugs.  Join us in demonstrating for change.  For more information, please contact us at: or 619-670-1184.

The Media Awareness Project –  Drug News Archives link by Mary S.

This Sunday, 9-11 PM EST,  Prescription Addiction Radio Show talks about topics in the world of addiction and recovery.   Dadonfire airs  approx. 9:30EST to update on the website.  Go to The Prescription Addiction Click on  WGUL860 AM and go to Sunday Schedule to listen.

Informative  global website on subjects including drugs   →  LOVE TO KNOW DEA traveling  exhibit, your tax dollars at work →   TARGET AMERICA

Drug war politics emerged after Vietnam and it wasn’t just about legalization.  Dadonfire has been looking at addiction and treatment, personal experiences and access to recovery.  We support decriminalization and a shifting of America’s focus on this problem from being silent to creating solutions.  A new paradigm.  Viewers know that for better or worse, the  atmosphere of decriminalization parallels the legalization effort.  Dadonfire’s  interest is decriminalization and access to recovery.  Legalization is whole other focus sometimes synonymous with the anti-drug war lobby.  That is beyond the scope and interest of this website. We do watch some of this work and share  information emerging out of the anti-drug war effort for the benefit of viewers. chronicles  events of 2009 in a piece worth reviewing.   Others sites that  focus on drug war politics and reform are:

Drug Policy Alliance •   NORML •   Drug Truth Network •    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition •    The New American Drug War •       Drug War Facts

You be the judge.  Dadonfire views all sides of the issue in an effort understand all vantage points and to postulate what possibilities will emerge that can significantly impact the access to treatment of drug addiction.  Links by Mary S.

The Drug Czar is  listening.  “These latest data confirm that we must redouble our efforts to implement a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to preventing and treating drug use,” Gil Kerlikowske, Director, ONDCP. He is talking about a new survey showing kids using a little less methamphetamine and binge alcohol, more pot, and more ADHD type drugs.  Survey shows kids using more opiate based  prescription pain killers which can lead to cheaper heroin use, which is also risingRead Dave Goodman’s piece about the survey. Read “Kids and Drugs” for solutions.  Survey link by John B.

This website, Meth Free Alliance,  is a grassroots effort that was created right here in Tucson Arizona.  The downloadable PDF format companion booklet, Tucson Meth Resource Guide is a powerhouse of information and treatment destination in the Tucson Area.   A U.S. Government level effort which works in concert with local efforts is also a great resource at

Prescription Addiction Radio is a website that hammers on what high percentage of opiate addiction really stems from.  That is prescription pain medication grossly over-marketed and abused in America, impacting people in all walks of life.  I won’t describe the reasons for saying this, because this website does it very well.  I am, however, amazed after listening to the audio files that it contains.  It is a real ear opener and well worth anyone’s time who is interested in understanding why America is impacted so heavily by addiction.  You can also view a nationwide online petition to ban oxycontin in this link.

OOPS:  HOW CASUAL DRUG USE LEADS TO ADDICTION, By Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D., Director, National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), National Institutes of Health

“This unexpected consequence of drug use is what I have come to call the oops phenomenon. Why oops? Because the harmful outcome is in no way intentional. Just as no one starts out to have lung cancer when they smoke, or no one starts out to have clogged arteries when they eat fried foods which in turn usually cause heart attacks, no one starts out to become a drug addict when they use drugs. But in each case, though no one meant to behave in a way that would lead to tragic health consequences, that is what happened just the same, because of the inexorable, and undetected, destructive biochemical processes at work”  Read the rest of the article here….and what to do when your hooked?  Check out this excellent PDF file of a document produced by NIDA called.  The Principals of Drug Addiction Treatment. Links by Mary Slivinski.

Anyone that knows a junkie or parent(s) of a junkie;  know the insanity of dealing with chronic irrationality.   Smack Time by Matt Harvey gets into the trenches.  The Drug war has failed and beckons  a  restructuring of drug laws in “Face the Facts; End the Drug War” by Johann Hari.  In this last piece entitled : Will the US step up on drug treatment. David Crary of the Assoc. Press examines unmet needs,  destroying people in ways you can’t image unless you’re  there.  This should  be a national priorty.  Links by Mary Slivinski.

Andre Agassi reveals Meth Use This just goes to show that drug use is widespread.  As part of an autobiography, Agassi talks about using methamphetamine in the mid to late 90’s after earning over 30 million dollars.  A French Newspaper article – Agence France-Presse  11/10/09 –  calls for returning his winnings.   An ESPN video segment,  First Take Update,   features a sharp discussion of Agassi’s drug use.  Lets see if Agassi follows up with some groundbreaking crusade to reduce meth use.   Links by Mary Slivinski.

As any addict or an addict’s family member knows, treating a difficult methamphetamine  addiction  is a tough undertaking.  A reader asked about treatment and this article is one to look over:  Methamphetamine Addiction.  You can also down load an in depth guide to treatment of meth addiction in:  Meth Treatment Guide. Dadonfire has also published some educational links such as this piece in Frontline called the Meth Epidemic and a powerful video series called Meth Inside Out, which covers every angle of meth including treatment.  Closer to home, we all know how hard it is to find affordable treatment.  This website – –  is the most useful site we found for finding out whats available in major US cities listing treatment locations in every range of cost.

Long, but current and informative.  View the recently published World Drug Report 2009, on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s website.  Also, read a summary of the report here.

“…Just ordered it……the artistic self is the missing link…”  dadonfire

“…The Art of Recovery is a journey of personal transformation and healing. It is also a deep exploration of the connection between shame and addiction and how one’s personal mythology is often formed by the residual effect of unresolved grief, loss and trauma…”  Paul Randak

“…Paul Randak’s Art of Recovery broadens the scope of traditional healing, by taking us back to the source of the disease… ”  Casey Spalding

NIDA’s mission is to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.  This is a fantastic website with tons of good information.  Links provided by Mary Slivinski.   Here are some great links from their site:  Drug Abuse ChatDrug Treatment Trends Facts

This is PBS FRONTLINE’s best effort in outreaching the public on a serious drug crisis: The Meth Epidemic. It is a very educational data base well worth taking some time to view.  The website includes the full 2006 television program that was broadcast on prime time PBS programming on the award winning show, FRONTLINE.

This website is a comprehensive data base on heroin really worth checking out for anyone who is impacted in any way by the use of heroin.  As horrific as the impact is to the user, the toll it takes on families and communities is much greater than most people realize.  Check out Heroin Addiction.

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